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Woman, 40 Years Old (Freed from Dyslexia)


My nephew had problems in school for years and was finally diagnosed as being dyslexic.  After this happened I remembered how difficult my own school years were.  My sister said that dyslexia runs in families and my mother remarked that she thought it was a family line curse.

I checked on the symptoms in some library books.  How shocking to discover what sounded like detailed descriptions of me!  Dyslexia is a learning disability believed to be caused by an inner ear disturbance or minimal brain dysfunction.

Boys seem to be affected more than girls.  As a general rule, females will either be mildly or very severely affected.  Males on the other hand, commonly run the gamut from mild to very severe symptoms.  It produces difficulty  in reading, writing and spelling although it will manifest differently in each individual.  Victims will do well and succeed in some endeavors but will have problems in other areas.

It really helped me to learn that these people are not stupid, but are of average or above average intelligence.  Deep in my heart I had always felt that there was no hope for me.  I was just too stupid to learn anything.  I would learn something but could not retain it because of a faulty memory.  I was never very good at communication with other people.  Although I would have things to say, I would be unable to remember them.  This was terribly embarrassing and I decided that I simply did not know how to talk to others.

When I came for deliverance prayer from this spirit, a huge monster erupted from deep within me.  I had the most violent and heavy deliverance I ever got in the many years I have received prayer.  Wrapped up in it were all of the feelings of utter inadequacy and the conviction that I would never be able to do anything right.  Arrested Development spirits were also working with Dyslexia to handicap my life.  Following deliverance form Dyslexic spirits including Self-hatred, for the first time I was able to feel good about myself.  I also could communicate my thoughts to other people.  It is really a lot of fun getting acquainted with folk after all these years.

The reference books also states that allergies sometimes play a part in dyslexia.  Sure enough, I had powerful Allergy spirits also.  Agoraphobia (fear of everything) was mentioned too and I do remember that had always had haunting fears of facing the outside world.  Out there was a hostile environment filled with nameless terrors and torment.  Scripture declares “fear hath torment.”

I had always let my husband do all my thinking for me.  Because he was not saved he exercised a very destructive control spirit over me and I never questioned nor resisted it.  After all, I felt incapable of reasoning and thinking for myself.  This will cause a person to become dependent and totally subservient.

Poor balance is another symptom of dyslexia.  Since I was child I always felt clumsy and awkward and would never wear high heels for fear of tripping.  Fears related to directional uncertainties are also common symptoms of dyslexia. Friends used to laughingly remark that I would get lost walking out my front door.  I had an overwhelming fear of getting lost and not knowing where to go for I had no sense of direction.

I was a terrible speller.  I learned that dyslexia can produce “mirror vision,” causing reversal or skipping of words or letters such as B’s, D’s, J’s, P’s, R’s, and S’s.  Sometimes colors are reversed.  To me, purple is orange and orange is purple.  Other symptoms include difficulty of distinguishing between right and left.  All of this leads to a lot of confusion, frustration, failure, low self-esteem, poor visual perception and memory for words.  There is a dreadful feeling of being ugly because you see yourself in a distorted way.  Inferiority, social withdrawal, shyness and inadequacy are constant companions.

Dyslexia manifests itself in hundreds of ways.  There can be problems with the sense of timing which causes difficulty in learning to tell time or to have a sense of time.  There may be no concept of time, causing one to be constantly late or very early.  Toilet training and bed wetting problems also can also be rooted in the dyslexic syndrome.

Because of my recent divorce I am having to make a new life for me and my family.  It seems that each week there is an entire set of new problems.  The Lord has opened doors for me to return to school for training in the fall.  Coping with all of this would have been absolutely impossible before deliverance.  Because of my deliverance I have hope and can work out my problems, depending on the Lord Jesus.

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