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Prophecy to Pastor Worley





Freely you have received freely give.  This is not your work nor your ministry. You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, that you should go forth and bear fruit and that this fruit should abide.  There is nothing for you to become proud about, you did not have the intelligence nor wisdom to discover the path on which I am leading you, neither did you choose it.  I have chosen, I have led, and all that I require is a yielded vessel.

Rejoice that I have chosen you and continue, in season and out of season.  I have cut you off from councils, preachers and others who would have influenced you and your thinking about the ministry; that I may give you the true path Myself alone.

You will not go down beaten paths that others have trod, neither will you build on other men’s foundations, for I have chosen and appointed you and yours for a task which will startle and stupefy the enemy.

I have prepared you and your companion in the furnace of suffering  and anguish that you might not break under the pressures which shortly will come upon you.  Only metal tried in the fires is worthy of  My use and can go through when weaker ones, not so tested, collapse and give way on every hand.  But I have not so ordained for you.  My plan for you is unique and different, not because you are great or wise, but simply because I have chosen you, to mold and make you a weapon against the enemy.

Weep not in fear when the calamity threatens, for you must constantly learn of my sustaining grace, lest at any time you foolishly begin to trust in man or in your own limited resources and strength.  I shall set you in opposition to many and they will come with tremendous anger and fury against you and the work I have chosen for you.  But if you will cling in helplessness and dependence to Me and My Word alone, I will see you through.

Many times it will seem that there is no hope, but I guarantee that I will accomplish my purposes and no cunning of man or demon will offset nor change that which I am doing.  You have yet many trials to bear, but I will go with you and great shall be the results.  The fears which at times come to haunt you: of failure with your family, your church and your personal life will not be allowed to overcome you.  These are permitted only to remind you of your constant need to be in the center of My perfect will.  Only there is perfect safety and blessing.  There is no way that you can prepare or brace up for that which is coming, but I will be with you. I will be with you and yours and I promise to bring you through.

Many will turn from you with fear and loathing in the days ahead, but do not swerve to the right nor to the left, for have I not chosen your course and your direction?  Men accused My Son of many false things also; do not fear when the storm comes and supposed friends begin to drop away as dead leaves drop from a tree.  Weep not for them, for I who have planted the garden with the choicest vines am also weeding the garden.

Many have come and gone.  Many, many more will come.  So much so that you will feel that your strength will fail under the burden of the torments of the bound ones.  I have put within you a treasured thing… because long ago you desired of Me this…a compassionate heart like the Saviour.  Don’t you remember how many times you wept and beseeched Me to give you a heart like My Son’s? Now do not draw back as I purpose to take you deeper into the suffering of My Son Jesus Christ in order to develop and enlarge the compassion and understanding I have already given to you.

Because you have known and constantly affirmed the truth that this love and compassion was from Me; because you have sought, however imperfectly at times, to give glory, honor and praise to Me for doing the work through and not of you; I have now decided to take you deeper into My love and explain many things to you that you will need.  However, you will not be able to share this with others, unless their hearts have been similarly prepared.

Seek my face, for I will teach you.  Keep yourself for Me alone.  Fear not for I will go before you.  As you have come this far in the power of My might and strength, so I will continue to be the Captain of the Host.  Fast, pray and Study My Word for therein I will feed, strengthen and deepen you for Myself.  Fear not, for have I not promised that I will go before your race to make way through the desert of unbelief and religious hypocrisy which has gripped My beloved ones?

There shall be many turned to Me in the days that are coming, and My glory shall shine forth. I repeat, I have forged you in the furnace of affliction with tender loving care, that you may be able to do the thing for which you have often besought me…to be God’s man for the time in which you live.  I have not forgotten all the commitments and requests you have made of Me to give you the opportunity to be broken for Jesus’ sake and to be able to feed the multitudes.

That which I have spoken to you in the past I will yet perform, and more than I have told you.  Shortly I will reveal more, for I am preparing your heart and that of your companion for what is to be.  There are no wasted notions, nor any tears for no purpose, in My plans.  Your steps are indeed chosen and ordered of the Lord, no matter how it might seem to you.

I chose you for this work.  I will accomplish it; so go forth in the power of My might.  I will set beside you faithful men who will help to bear the load.  Their hearts too I will touch and set in place by My Spirit.  They will support you and pray for you as you go further.  These things I have said that you might not be discouraged by the darkness of the way.