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Spirit of Paralysis


Is it not strange that in the realm of healings there are relatively few among the paraplegics and the quadruplegics?  The reason for this lies in the tremendously powerful ruling spirit involved, Paralysis.  He controls all diseases and injuries which have to do with the central nervous system and the spinal cord.  This would include spinal meningitis, polio, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, scoliosis, Huntington’s Chorea, etc.

I tangled with a Paralysis spirit who had bound a man for over 20 years following a motorcycle accident.  This was no mere Prince or King, but a World Ruler of Paralysis.  He informed me that he had taken up position in the man years before, anticipating the clash which would eventually come with me in the deliverance work.  Although demons do not know everything about the future, they certainly know a great deal more than we do.  This confrontation had finally taken place in spite of considerable jockeying and maneuvering by the spirits attempting to avoid it.

We did learn a number of things from the encounter with this super-powerful demon.  Although he was extremely cautious and reluctant to talk, we used power from the third heaven to force him to disclose a number of things about his operations.

Spirits called Accident  and Accident Prone  work with others named Bone Breaker and Back Breaker to open the way for a character called Traumatic Shock.  These in turn pave the way for the entrance of Paralysis.  When this vicious spirit enters, he attempts to use jagged bones and other injuries to sever the nerves.

If this is not feasible, he stations evil spirits to pinch the nerves.  In some cases the myelin sheath (insulation)  is damaged to cause a short circuiting of the nerve energy supply.  It can also be done by crossing damaged nerves, forcing a short circuit.  This sets in motion degeneration of nerve and muscle tissues through polio, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy or other similar diseases.

First the base is established and a headquarters in the nervous system is secured.  Next Paralysis calls in spirits such as Crippling, Deformity, Atrophy, Depression, Discouragement, Hopelessness, Despair, Suicide, Death and many others to destroy the victim.

Paralysis sneered at those in healing ministries who had prayed for this man in the wheelchair and others in similar bondage.  They got little or no results.  He called them fools because they all had refused to recognize the presence and the work of demons.  Because of this they could never deal with the problem adequately.

Other things were revealed by the demon:  “No, we will NOT come out.  We have had him bound and afflicted for nearly twenty years and we will not release him. He has been prayed for by the best of them.  What makes you think that we will come out for you?   No, we will not come out.  We can’t. We  would be severely punished if we were to let him go.  We’ve had him afflicted for twenty years and will continue.  His God has anointed him for a great and unique ministry.  He would do us far too much harm if he was free to act.”

Apparently there were ruler demons of Paralysis, Affliction, and Spinal Cord Scar Tissue present.  There are surely others yet to be rebuked and cast out.

Paralysis did grudgingly concede that slight and partial healings were possible at times.  In fact, prayers for this man had stopped Atrophy from completing his work in the nerves and muscles.  He gloated that complete restoration was almost impossible, again because of failure to recognize the true cause of the afflictions.

I am convinced that some people have such a strong gift of faith for healing that when they pray evil spirits are literally thrown out.  This happens whether the person rendering the prayer knows it or not.  In such a case the healing would be permanent.  On the other hand, demons may only be immobilized temporarily by prayer.

When this happens, there is always a possibility of a later revival of evil spirit work and activity.  This explains many of the regressions and “lost” healings which have occurred.  To be safe from such a recurrence and backset, demonic entities must be removed completely.  They are quite capable of remaining dormant for many years and then reviving to do their evil works once more.  5

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