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Possible Roots of Infirmity


God has stored all the things we need for prosperous and happy lives in His Word, the Bible.  Carefully hidden behind multitudes of minor to severe ailments and infirmity, lie evil spiritual forces.  Constantly they steal, kill and destroy.

I am convinced that our abysmal ignorance of the Word of God causes us to open doors which give legal grounds for attack.  Our fierce adversaries will miss no opportunity to strike.  Certainly is not God’s fault if we will not apply our hearts to learn wisdom which would prevent this.

Medical doctors can describe and treat symptoms.  They point out hormonal and other chemical imbalances in bodily functions which precipitate various weakness and illnesses.  Operating behind a carefully constructed screen of such symptoms, evil spirits cause malfunctions and upset physical and emotional balances God has built into every human being.

Prayer in Jesus’ name can bring healing.  I believe this is because the enemy causing the affliction is immobilized.  In spectacular healings, these wicked entities are completely defeated and thrown out.  Sometimes there is a period of healing and cessation of symptoms followed by a regression.  Perhaps the demons managed to stage a comeback, either by reentry or by reviving their power (if they were not removed).

Below are listed some scriptures picked at random which seem to be connected with things that weaken and harass human beings.  While not dogmatically insisting these things always produce the problems mentioned, they are interesting to investigate.  Our research and experience has only scratched the surface.  There are probably hundreds of scriptures with direct correlation to disease and affliction if we could understand and connect them.

(Proverbs 12:8)  Shame and embarrassment may be related to tooth decay, diseases of the bone marrow–leukemia, cancer of bone, and tuberculosis of the bone.

(Proverbs 14:30)   A sound heart is rooted in a yielded will.  The opposite would be a troubled will, in conflict; possibly connected with acne, boils, carbuncles, skin cancer, etc.  Envy contributes to the same afflictions as shame.  She who makes ashamed might also make jealous.

(Lam 1:20; Num 5:22, Ps 31:10; 109:17,18) Many disorders are rooted in Rebellion: menstrual cramps, diarrhea, colitis, cancer of bowels.

(Lam 2:11).  Eye trouble and bowel upset may be rooted in grief.

(II Chron 21:14,18,19)   Rebellion and idolatry were at the root of this incident.  Possible cancer, hemorrhoid or hernia.  Emerods came upon the Philistines because they hardened their heart against the expressed will of God, and refused to return the ark  (also I Samuel 5:6; 6:6).

(Psalm 73:3,21,22)  Exposed in these verses are the roots of bitterness, resentment and envy; possibly leading to brutishness (unteachable ignorance); Kidney stones, Kidney failure, Kidney infection, pain, etc.

(Deut 28:65).  Disobedience here seems to result in heart disturbances, trouble with eyesight, and a sad, melancholy outlook on life in general.  (see also Psalm6:7,8)

(Isaiah 3:16-24)  The subject of this verse is is discussed more fully in HBC booklet #17, “The Curse of Jezebel.”  It might also indicate scalp ailments, falling hair, female cancer, bad body odor, venereal disease, harlotry, seduction, fornication, inflammation and fungus infections in the sexual organs.

(Job 7:3-6)  Vanity and pride produce restlessness, inability to sleep, aimlessness, futility, hopelessness and despair.

(Deut 22:23, 27:26, 28:21–35; Gal 3:10-14)  Many sicknesses are ascribed to the curse of the law: Pestilence, consumption (Tuberculosis),  fever, inflammation, blasting (anything which prevents growth),  the botch (boils),  emerods (Hemorrhoids), astonishment of heart (heart attack),  itch (Eczema, psoriasis, fungus), madness, blindness, scab (measles, small pox);  ailments in knees and from the feet to the top of the head.

(Deut 28:59,60)   Warning: when a person places himself under the law, seeking to please the Lord in his own strength, he also comes under the curse of the law.  Legalistic keeping of rules can never substitute for the freedom we know under grace.  We are freed, not with a license to sin, but free to bring ourselves to a joyful surrender to Christ. 1

The following is an excerpt from “Doctors, Demons & Medicine, Booklet #7″ by Pastor Win Worley. Copyright © 1983 by Win Worley, Revised © 1992. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including storage and retrieval system, without securing permission in writing from the publisher, WRW Publications, PO BOX 9309, Highland, IN 46322.

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