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I Became a Slave to Sex


I was born and raised a Roman Catholic, attending the Catholic grade and high schools.  I grew up having doubts about the religious system I had been taught, in spite of repeated assurances that the Roman Catholic was the only true church.  I now see that the main reason for my ignorance was that, in thirty-five years in the Catholic church, I had never studied my Bible which alone is able to make a man wise unto salvation (2 Timothy 3:15).

I was a faithful Catholic, but lacked power in my life to stop committing the sins which controlled my life.  I went to confession repeatedly and was absolved only to go right back to the things I hated and feared.  I knew this to be gross hypocrisy but did not know what else to do.  I continued the endless cycle of repentance, confession and penance.  Vainly I sought help from the saints, in the mass and other religious exercises, all without success.

I had no peace at all and lived in a constant state of torment, frustration and condemnation.  Great fear gripped me and I shuddered at the thought of dying “at the wrong time.”  I had no assurance of anything beyond the grave to give me comfort.  The “Purgatory” I was told of did not seem very appealing when I remembered all my public and secret sins.  I lived in horrible fear, and was constantly plagued by hopelessness and helplessness.

At the age of 18, I completely departed from my strict upbringing and eagerly embraced the unbridled pleasures of sex.  Lust in every form became a way of life for me as I became completely obsessed with sex.  My life revolved around sexual episodes and there was nothing perverted or kinky that I didn’t try or have tried on me.

I was driven and enslaved by burning passions that remained unslaked no matter where I turned or how deeply I plunged into the mire.  In all this, I can truly say that I was never satiated nor did I find any happiness in the life I led.  It was misery and agony all the way and the further I went the more I felt the emptiness of my heart.  Thank God, the Lord Jesus saw my despair and had pity on me.  When I did not know where to turn or what to do the blessed Holy Spirit led me to churches where the Word of God and the gospel of salvation by grace was preached.  I was gloriously saved, Jesus came into my heart.  Oh what a difference!

But Satan is the arch deceiver.  As a babe in Christ, I sought everything that God had for me.  While attending a certain Pentecostal Church I asked for the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Appearing to be “slain in the Spirit,” I fell to the floor as something like electrical charges ran through my body.  My hands seemed to be twisted and nailed to the floor and numbness clamped my face and mouth, making it impossible to speak clearly.  when I attempted to tell the people what was not convinced that this was the case at all and felt uneasy about the whole experience.

Praise the Lord!  He saw my perplexed seeking of His will and led me to Hegewisch Baptist Church.  They soon helped me by casting out a host of indwelling spirits of the occult, refused to pray for the Spirit’s fullness until I had been cleansed.

When the demons left, I received a real Holy Spirit baptism.  This time there was no paralysis, no fears, just a relaxed atmosphere as people explained that the Holy Spirit would never force Himself upon me; that I would use my breath and tongue by my own volition as the Holy Spirit gave me the words.  I was simply to speak in prayer and praise to God.  It was a peaceful happy time for me as the prayer language flowed out.  I knew that I had indeed received that which God has promised to His own.  10

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