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Fairy Tales


According to the dictionary, a fairy is a supernatural being of folklore, often represented as a tiny person with magical powers.  They are also sometimes defined as a diminutive spirit (a disembodied spirit) dwelling in close relationship with man; a tiny, mischievous and protective creature in a household associated with the hearth.  The word comes from the Latin root “Fata”, goddess of fate.

A tale  is defined as a lie, falsehood, or fable.  A fairy tale is a fanciful story or explanation about supernatural beings (magicians, dragons and fairies); a fictitious story, often with animal characters, designed to teach a lesson; a short story about legendary persons and exploits; a falsehood meaning narration or account.

Scripture warns us to have nothing to do with fables, enchantments, charmers or such like (Exodus 7:11, 22; 8:7, 18: II Kings 21:6; Isaiah 47:9-12; Deuteronomy 18:9-13; Jeremiah 27:9-10; Ecclesiastes 10:11; I Timothy 1:4; 4:7; II Timothy 4:4; Titus 1:14 (fables turn one from truth); II Peter 1:16 declares importance of truth); Romans 1:25).

According to Strong’s Concordance fable means a tuition, doing for money, charging for instruction in a lie.  It also can mean a tale that is a lie or falsehood.  Strong defines a myth as that which pertains to gods or heroes in pagan idol worship.  Another connected reference is to a secret or mystery with the idea of silence imposed by initiation into religious rites.

Another Strong’s definition of teraphim means family idols; images believed to be healers; to mend by stitching; to cure or cause to heal.  In Genesis 31:19, 30, Rachel stole her father’s household gods (images).

Enchantments  are defined as: to whisper or mumble a spell, as a magician or charmer muffled; to cover, an incantation; concerning an amulet – earring; charmed; a private prayer in a bad sense; covered; secret; secrecy – incantation, which is the uttering or intoning of words or syllables to produce magical results.

All mean to enwrap; a blaze from enwrapping in magic; to lick; set on fire; blaze up; to loot – unlawful seizure or taking of goods by an enemy army. The primary root word means to join – to fascinate by means of spells and a charmer.

Enchanter – hiss; to whisper a magic spell; prognosticate; learn by experience.  Deuteronomy 18:12 warns not to involve a son or daughter with an enchanter.

Enchanters –  to practice magic; the root word means to cover or cloud over; act covertly; soothsayer; sorcerer.  Enchant is defined by the dictionary as placing a spell, to bewitch.  Paul wrote to the Galatians demanding to know who had bewitched them away from the truth (Galatians 3:1).

When considering the above definitions and Scripture, it seems that reading books or watching fairy tales on TV or movies could be dangerous.  Children at a susceptible age may be opened up to spirits of fear (II Timothy 1:7); error (I John 4:6); perversity (Isaiah 19:14); lying and fantasy (I Kings 22:22, 23 and John 8:44).

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