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Deliverance Patterns in the Bible


Why is there so little information about casting out demons in the Scriptures?   There is information about deliverance in the New Testament but it is seldom appropriated.  I believe there is a reason for so many details to be lacking.

The bulk of instruction about the conduct of spiritual warfare is in the Old Testament.  The Psalms are virtually a handbook of spiritual warfare.  God’s dealings with Israel about the land he promised to them reveals many of the best insights into this vital matter.

The Book of Revelation was written in a “code” which only those familiar with the symbolism of Ezekiel and Daniel would recognize.  In like manner, the Old Testament and the record of God’s dealings with Israel furnishes many views (by type) into the warfare with the enemy.  The land  represents the body and ground given over to the enemy “squatters” and “trespassers” (the demons).  The people of God were armed with a divine fiat giving them title to the land.  Nevertheless, they had to unseat the usurpers, who had been in place for hundreds of years. These had powerful armies and fortified cities.

It took physical force  and spiritual power  to overturn the inhabitants who held the land, contrary to God’s will and purpose (Deuteronomy 7:22-24; Exodus 23:27-30).  Those who go into deliverance work will need to study closely the Old Testament dealings of God with His people and how they ridded the land of the invaders who held the territory.

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