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Woman, 37 Years Old (Jezebel)


Hopefully my story will alert parents to the real danger of demonic invasion and infestation of very young children.  My parents loved me, yet were unprepared for dealing with what happened to me.

At the age of six or seven I became involved in a series of sexual explorations with my playmates.  This is a rather common occurrence I know, but in my case, (although never pursued any further), these incidents began a process which produced years of misery and torment for me.

Looking back, it was the attacks of lying spirits which laid the foundation for my destruction.  By magnifying my transgressions all out of proportion to the offense, my childish mind was staggered by the barrage of exaggerated charges.  I had no idea where these were coming from or who was doing it.  This resulted in overwhelming nameless fears too great for an immature mind to cope with.

Because I was reared in a godly home and attended church, I was keenly aware of right and wrong.  Perhaps it was a lack of teaching on how to deal with failure through repentance and confusion (I John 1:9) which caused me to be loaded with spirits of Guilt, Shame and Condemnation.

By nature, I was very conscientious and even this was used against me by the enemy.  I was snared in a legalistic tangle of vague but frightening accusations.  I was much too young to see the magnitude of the lies whispered to me constantly.  I felt ashamed and could not forgive myself and of course, could not believe that God would forgive me either.  My oversensitive conscience was seized upon by the demons.  Reflecting on the nightmare of guilt and depression which haunted me, it is little wonder that I often had qualms and fears abut my  sanity.

I desperately needed the message of God’s mercy and forgiveness.  It seemed that this was filtered out of my hearing by the spirits every time I attended church.  Harsh judgement echoed at me constantly and I found no rest nor peace in my troubled mind.

It was not long until my mental torment and unrest affected me physically. I grew progressively worse although I struggled to keep up appearances and live a “normal” and productive life.

Legions of spirits had gained a foothold in me.  I was like a person sitting on an anthill, covered with savagely stinging creatures.  Every move I made to escape only brought more attacks.  Despair and hopelessness became my constant companions as the mental turmoil produced more and more physical reactions and unbearable pain.

Doctors checked and cross checked.  Their diagnosis and medications brought little or no relief from the anguish and gnawing pain.  I was a hopeless case.  Thousands of dollars, and many hours and treatments later, I was ready to die, drained and lifeless, except for the ever mounting pain.  I mention these things so you will understand how desperate I was when we learned about Hegewisch and the deliverance ministry.

Many wonderful things have come about because of my involvement in deliverance.  Not only have I been released to new life in Christ, but the beautiful gifts of the Holy Spirit have began to operate in my life.  Hope, faith, word of wisdom, word of knowledge, and a prayer language are some by-products given to me.  God has met my heart’s desire and more (Psalm 37:4,5).

The Lord has been restoring the money spent on doctors and medication during the years of fruitless effort to find relief.

My parents have entered an ever-deepening walk in the Holy Spirit and have been delivered from many spirits themselves.  My brother and his family have been saved and are entering deliverance.  Friends and relatives are now interested in deliverance.  I have a whole, new outlook on life – to help others find the solution to their problems.  Whereas I once worried constantly, now I trust the Lord Jesus has marvelously restored me, and is continuing to do this.  You too can find help.

If you want to be free, you can.  After 30 years of awful bondage and torment, I am almost completely free.  I thank and praise the Lord for saving, healing and delivering me.  I was blessed with loving Christian parents who took me to Hegewisch for help 150 miles away.  We came four times a week for services, traveling about 15,000 miles the first four months.  We drove thousands more before I moved near the church.

I must also thank and praise the Lord for the Pastor, elders and their families and all the people in the church who so faithfully worked with and prayed for me.  Hours were spent battling the demons to free me.  Words could never express my gratitude to the Lord and to these people so mightily used to help me.

When I came to Hegewisch, I was in excruciating pain 24 hours a day, seven days a week and could neither eat nor sleep for about six months.  My only relief was a sleeping pill (presented by my doctor) which knocked me out.  He said it was strong enough to knock out a 250 pound man.  Now the pains are almost all gone.  One thing I learned was if you want to be free, you must decide to really mean business.  When you have this attitude you definitely can be freed!  Like everyone else I wanted to be released immediately, right now!  However, I had to learn to do it the Lord’s way and this is definitely the best way.  Priorities had to be reevaluated and set in order, I decided my number one objective was to be delivered.  Never mind other things.  I was fighting for my life and I had to fight my way back to health.

Did I get discouraged?  Sure! I wanted to quit often.  At one point it was so bad I sobbed, “I can’t stand the pain any more, but I WILL!”  In the midst of that anguish and suffering I began to experience enabling grace and what a blessing this became.  Eight months later I was improved, but even seven months after I started deliverance I was back teaching school.  Prior to this I could not function.

Still in much pain, but moving forward; I recall one dear brother remarking that the Lord must have given me the gift of determination.  He was right.  You can have it too.  I have learned that you can indeed have the desire of your heart if you will persevere and refuse to become discouraged.  In my deliverance sessions there were multitudes of spirits cast out.  Some rulers who were routed marked definite turning points in my life. For example, I will never forget when Hopelessness and Despair were forced to leave with their supporting spirits.  I was so relieved, felt so different.  I cannot describe how it was to be free of their harassment for the first time in years.  I was still heavily infested with other spirits but when these left, I had the first flickers of sustaining hope that I would actually be free.

Perhaps one of the biggest and most vicious spirits I had was named Childish Self Will.  I can never forget the night he came out.  There was over two hours of intensive prayer battle and when he finally left I vomited a peculiar orange fluid unlike anything any of us had ever seen before.  His leaving resulted in a freedom such as I had never experienced.

Many things came to light about this powerful demon.  He comes in when a person is very young and blocks any maturation into adulthood.  His victims react to life situations as a child and with childish fears foreign to adults.  They are unable to obey Paul’s injunction to put away childish things and grow up.

This evil spirit is exceedingly sly and very clever.  He stands at the gate of maturity and blocks his victim form entering.  He is a master manipulator of people, but carefully hides his work.   He can be recognized by the fact that the person he drives is always characterized by extreme selfishness.  He always insists on having his own way and constantly bends other people to yield to his every whim.  At the same time, he tries to make others feel they are in the wrong to complain or notice the self-centered conduct.

Childish Self Will undoubtedly is involved with the work of Jezebel and Possessiveness.  From my own experience and observation I believe this spirit to be very prevalent among females.  He causes much marital disharmony, constantly harping and pouting about the insensitivity of the husband.

This spirit promotes female rebellion as well and leads to the syndrome where the wife never understands what her husband is saying.  Instead of considering the possibility that she might have a problem, this spirit constantly lays all the responsibility for problems on the husband.  This petty refusal to understand any point of view but that of the wife contributes to a communication breakdown.  In turn, this communication barrier extends to others and to God as well.

Many other spirits were cast out in repeated prayer encounters at the church. I remember that Rebellion, Rejection, Stubbornness, Schizophrenia, Passivity of Mind, Legalism, Entertainer of Thoughts with all their families of support spirits were defeated and cast out.  Also hundreds of Lawyer spirits (specialize in debate and argument) left.

Another crucial breakthrough for me was the recognition and defeat of the Scorpion spirits (Revelation 9).  This was a great nest of Fear spirits coupled with Vanity.  Childhood curiosity had opened the door which led to the eventual entry of whole armies of these vicious spirits.  They were organized into squads with officers up to generals and their ruling Prince, Apollyon.  By binding and rebuking the ruling spirits feeding power to the Scorpion demons, their expulsion is made easier.

The most recent areas of my life to be freed were those held by High Imaginations, Attention Getter, Vanity and their supporting network of spirits.  These were active in darkening my understanding.  Among other hindrances caused by these spirits was their work in preventing me from understanding how to repent or how to receive mercy and understanding (Ephesians 14:17, 18).  Thank God for sweet release!

The following is an excerpt from “The Curse of Jezebel, Booklet #17″ by Pastor Win Worley. Copyright © 1983 by Win Worley, Reprinted 1990. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including storage and retrieval system, without securing permission in writing from the publisher, WRW Publications, PO Box 852626, Mesquite, TX 75185.

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