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Who is Jezebel?


The name Jezebel has become synonymous with a strong bossy female and a powerful witchcraft spirit who answers to that name. In the Old Testament Queen Jezebel was an exceedingly evil and rebellious person who schemed to manipulate and control those around her. This was utilized to pacify the desires of her equally wicked husband Ahab, who was slovenly male and a slacker husband. He used raging tantrums, passivity and fits of pouting to get his own way.

The spirit of Jezebel manifests under other names: Queen of Heaven, Daughter of Babylon, Isis or various other mother-goddesses found in different mythologies. Powerful Rebellion to God makes this demon a suitable companion to Antichrist, a spirit of lawlessness. Significantly, in Hebrew Jezebel means“priest of Baal,” not priestess. This indicates the spirit’s masculine tendencies influencing both sexes.


Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name we ask that You send warrior angels to do battle for us. Thank You for Jesus’ precious blood, His resurrection and our authority in His name. May the Holy Spirit give us discernment and gifts to set the captive free.

In Jesus’ name we block any and all transference of evil spirits. Heavenly Father, we ask that your angels block and remove any evil spirits assigned to hinder or interfere. We cut off all evil power directed toward us from witches or other such persons. Let each strongmen present, all demonic doorkeepers and gatekeepers be bound. May all communication between enemy forces be disrupted and confusion be loosed on them (Psalms 149:6-9).

As the Holy Spirit leads, some or all of the following spirits can be bound during deliverance sessions: Passivity, Leviathan, Doubt, Unbelief, Confusion, Deception, Mind Control, Occult Mind Control(comes in with medication to empower other spirits).


We command that all evil spirits cast out must go wherever Jesus wants them to go and never return. May the Holy Spirit to fill any vacancy left by evil spirits. Jezebel, in Jesus’ name we attack and bind you from our position in the third heaven, high above Satan, principalities, powers, dominions, world rulers of darkness, kings, princes and all angelic ranks. We take away all of the known and unknown power of your titles, including: Queen of Heaven; Mistress of Kingdoms; Queen of Kingdoms; She Who Sits on Many Waters; Ashtoreth; Queen of Babylon; Daughter of Babylon; Queen Mother; Mother of God; Ishtar; Astarte; Venus; Diana; Rosemary; Athaliah; Semiamrus; Daughter of the Chaldeans; Hecate; Isis; Cybele; Mystery Babylon; Artemis; Mother Mary; Great Harlot; Goddess of War, Goddess of Fertility; Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth; Mistress of Sorceries; in Jesus Christ’s name.

We also bind in Jesus’ name the known and unknown powers of your consort by his various names, including: Ahab; Nimrod; Marduk; Tammuz; Baal and King of Babylon. We separate Jezebel and Ahab spirits and forbid them to communicate or hinder this deliverance in any way.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we cut, sever and break all cords, snares, controls and bondage’s used by these spirits and their related demons to keep this person in bondage. We ask Heavenly Father that you send angels to break all yokes of bondage to Jezebel and Ahab spirits.

Jezebel, in the name of Jesus Christ we denounce you and expose your works to the light. We destroy any unholy mother/child relationship between you and this person. We take away your throne, your scepter and your hirelings and command you to be humbled.
We destroy all your veils of magic, enchantment, and secrecy and heap shame and the vengeance of the Lord upon you and your companions.
Because Jesus became a curse for the believers (Galatians 3:13) we break all curses of Jezebel and Ahab which were put upon this person and their family. We destroy related curses back to the tenth generation on both sides of the family.

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