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Where Do I Start?


This is all new to me. Where do I start?


The first thing to be said is this: the Lord Jesus Christ is all powerful and able to deliver you out of the hands of the devil and his demons.

Many people are raised to believe that demons are in Hell with the devil, tied up and crippled. Other people believe that demons float around causing trouble for people but can’t truly do any harm. Unfortunately, neither of these theories are true. A new sweeping surge of Satanism, Cults, The New Age, and many other signs should lead people to the only conclusion that the Bible is true: Satan is the “god of this world” (2 Cor 4:4) and he and his demons will NOT be tied up or bound in Hell until the millennium (Rev 20:3) which will only be temporary. At the end of that 1,000 years, Satan will again be let out of prison to deceive the nations (Rev 20:7) until that dreadful day he and his demons will be cast into the Lake of Fire where they “shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever” (Matt 25:41; Rev 20:10).

“It is, therefore, clear that, though Satan may have triumphed over the first Adam and thereby become the god and prince of this world, he himself was perfectly and finally triumphed over and judged by the Last Adam in the cross. It is quite possible, however, that a sentence may be pronounced and made known some time before the sentence is actually executed. During such an interval a criminal is said to be under sentence awaiting his execution which some high authority has decreed. This period of sentence is that in which Satan appears the present age, which age had its beginning with the cross. Execution of this sentence would have banished him forever. That he is not banished is revealed in the fact that he, even after his judgment in the cross, is referred to in the Scriptures as still being in authority over this world.” (Satan. His Motives and Methods, by Lewis Sperry Chafer, founder of the Dallas Theological Seminary. Pg. 23).

Satan, being but one entity, cannot control the world by himself, much the same way that a general cannot invade a country alone. “In one of his controversies with the Pharisees (Matt 12:22-30) Christ inferred that Satan is a king, and as such is in authority over a kingdom (see also Rev 2:13 A.V.)…By this scripture [Matt 12:22-30] it may be seen that a portion of the kingdom of Satan is a host of bodiless spirits. Although their origin cannot be definitely traced, it is probable that they were created as subjects of Satan in the primal glory…’God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment’ (John 8:44; 2 Peter 2:4p;Jude 6). Another company of fallen angels became demons and are still free to serve in the projects of Satan” ( Ibid., pp. 57-58). The company of angels delivered “into chains of darkness” are believed to be those fallen angels which had sexual intercourse with mankind in Genesis: “Only part of the fallen angels took part in the wickedness at the time of the Flood . These were the ones who were imprisoned. God left the rest free to try to undermine the cause of righteousness in the world” (Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary,1986, Thomas Nelson Publishers).

But God, through Jesus Christ has given us the knowledge and power of Deliverance in Jesus’ Name (Mark 16:17-18) to cast out evil spirits. One thing to note though is mentioned in Mark 16:17: “And these signs shall follow THEM THAT BELIEVE; In my name shall they cast out devils.” Deliverance is the Children’s Bread (Mark 7:27), being reserved for believers in Christ Jesus. More important than casting out evil spirits is that YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN. This must come before deliverance. Salvation comes first and is the most important decision you’ll ever make in your life…to invite Jesus Christ to come into your heart and save you from all your sins. Please refer to our Salvation Web Page for more information concerning Salvation and a phone number to call if you have any questions.

Once you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, it will be time to fight the enemy, the devil, and grow in your Christian walk. Deliverance is a powerful tool in fighting the enemy…one that Satan and his demons hate very much.

Many books have been written concerning the true Deliverance Ministry. You can order them on-line at WRW Publications. Satan has attempted to flood the bookstores with “Deliverance Material” which is watered down and full of heresy. We strongly recommend comparing all things to the Word of God. A few suggestions in getting started in learning about this ministry (which the Lord Jesus Christ has given to EVERY believer as part of their inheritance in Salvation) are:

Battling the Hosts of Hell, Diary of an Exorcist, Pastor Win Worley, WRW Publications, PO BOX 852626, Mesquite, TX 75185.

As well as all of Pastor Win Worley’s 11 books, over 50 pamphlets and hundreds of audio and video tapes.

War on the Saints, The Full Text Unabridged Edition, Jessie Penn-Lewis, Thomas Lowe Ltd, New York, NY, 1973.

Satan: His Motives and Methods, Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer, Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI, 1919.

Interview on Demonology, Tape I, Pastor Win Worley, Video Tape #0421, WRW Publications, PO BOX 852626, Mesquite, TX 75185.

Interview on Demonology, Tape II, Pastor Win Worley, Video Tape #0422, WRW Publications, PO BOX 852626, Mesquite, TX 75185.

Interview on Demonology, Tape III, Pastor Win Worley, Video Tape #0423, WRW Publications, PO BOX 852626, Mesquite, TX 75185.

Interview on Demonology, Tape IV, Pastor Win Worley, Video Tape #0424, WRW Publications, PO BOX 852626, Mesquite, TX 75185.

For more deliverance literature, please write to:
WRW Publications, PO BOX 852626, Mesquite, TX 75185.
or visit the WRW Website at http://www.wrwpublications.com


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