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Special Dealings with Ruler Spirits


On several occasions while battling ruler demons in an individual there has been intervention by extremely strong spirits to hinder or stop the deliverance.  Through discernment and conflict with the demons I learned that these were spirits from the heavenlies, deliberately intervening to strengthen and reinforce embattled spirits in person.

Recently I had harassed and pressured a ruling spirit of Fear in a man until he was sobbing in defeat and begging for mercy.  Victory seemed almost in sight over a terrible bondage which had been present for many, many years.  Suddenly I was confronted, not by the broken defeated spirit, but another, far more powerful spirit, belligerent and defiant.

I demanded that he move back out of the way and let me get on with the casting out of the spirit of Fear.  He refused adamantly and insisted, “I’m not afraid of you, Worley.  I am strong and you will not be able to run over me like you have these weaker spirits.  Why, Worley, I’ll have you to know that I am a World Ruler of Fear and you are not about to free this stupid fool.  He belongs to us.  We’ve had him for years and you just leave us alone.”

I snapped back at him, “You were not here earlier, you just came in.”

“That’s right,”  he sneered, “and I’m here to put a stop to this foolishness.”

I bind you in Jesus’ name and you will not leave this man now until I tell you,”  I said firmly.

“You can’t do that, Worley,”  he mocked at me.

“Just try to get out then,”  I challenged.  There was a brief flash of fear in the eyes mingled with hatred, and the man’s body jerked about and twisted.  Next a growl and glowering eyes, “I hate your damned guts, Win Worley, and I’ll kill you for this!”

“What’s the matter,”  I chided, as the spirit grew more angry and agitated.

The hour was very late and I had a plane to catch in four hours.  I told the World Ruler of Fear that I was going to ask the Lord to have angels put all the spirits in boxes, including him. “You’ll never be able to do that to me, Worley.   Damn you to hell, let me out of here,” he demanded.

“No way, you are going to stay in there and marinate with an angel to read you the scriptures night and day.  You’ll learn not to interfere in deliverance.”  I told him.

“Worley, I’ll kill you for this,” he threatened.  I ignored his cursing protests and kept asking for angels until he was subdued and gagged and could no longer do anything but submit.  It took a bit of time for he was strong.

Did it work?  Oh yes, three weeks later the man came to the church for more deliverance and they found the World Ruler of Fear still there.  He raged and fomented and demanded that I loose him to leave.  I forced him to repeat some painful scriptures before he left screaming curses at me.  We have tremendous authority but must learn how to use it.

Demolishing the Hosts of Hell by Win Worley © 1978, pgs 13-14.

The Satanic Cosmos - WorleyThe following is an excerpt from “The Satanic Cosmos-Satan’s Kingdom Exposed, Booklet #18″ by Pastor Win Worley. Copyright © 1983 by Win Worley, Revised 1993. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including storage and retrieval system, without securing permission in writing from the publisher, WRW Publications, PO BOX 9309, Highland, IN 46322.


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