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Speaking to Demons


1.  Address the spirit by name if known.  If not, address by function.  The Holy Spirit will give it or the demon may reveal himself.  Be open to how the holy Spirit is leading.

2.  Repeatedly remind evil spirits that your authority is given to you by Jesus Christ, Who is far above all rule and authority  (Ephesians 1:21).  Bind the strong man (Matthew 12:29) and the spirits under him (Matthew 16:17-19).

3.  Remind them of their fate (Revelation 20:10; Job 30:38). Use the statement, “The Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you”  repeatedly as a battering ram to beat down their resistance.

4.  Tell the spirits that you are commissioned by Jesus Christ to proclaim release to the captives (Isaiah 61, Luke 4).  It can be helpful to harass the demons to confess verbally that Jesus Christ is their Lord.  Repeatedly remind them that you are attacking them from your position in Christ, in the third heaven, high above all principalities, powers, thrones, dominions, world rulers, kings, princes and every angelic rank (Ephesians 118:22).  Force them to acknowledge these things verbally and that you have authority over them.  Each such confession wrung from the foe weakens him.

5.  Ruler demons often can be badgered for more information.

6.  At times you will command the ruler demon to leave and then clean out the lesser demons under him.  If that he stalls, reverse the tactics.

7.  Bind and separate interfering spirits as God leads.

8.  Do not assume that all demons must be silent.  Jesus only squelched them when they were revealing who He was before the time. {Incidentally they were speaking the truth (Luke 4:35)}.

9.  Everything that the demons say is not a lie.  Satan is the father of lies and also the deceiver.  The nature of deception is to mix a lie with truth.  Be on guard.

10. Sometimes stay with one spirit until you know he is gone;  other times move on to one who may be entwined with it; return later to deal with the first one.  Ask God to give you discernment as to how they operate.  Experience and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit will guide you in the specifics of each case.

11. It is pointless to shout at demons since the battle is not physical but spiritual (II Corinthians 10:3).  Demons feed on the confusion created when workers begin to yell and make a commotion.  In some cases it is hard to tell who is manifesting, the worker or the one in deliverance!

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