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Should Demons Manifest?


Should Demons Manifest?



Everywhere I travel, I meet with some who are sincerely convinced that it is wrong to force or allow the demonic entities in persons to manifest openly.  They say this is not necessary, that you “speak and it is done” (Mark 11:23).  I certainly have no quarrel with the scripture and it is the basis for crushing much of the enemy’s fortifications.  However, this is NOT the only scripture in the Bible which regulates prayer.

We must balance this blessed truth with others, equally valid.  For example, an important lesson in praying is illustrated with an outrageously insistent neighbor who pounded at the door until he got the bread he sought. There is also an equally persistent little widow who would not give up until she got her request (Luke 11:5-10; 18:1-8).

I cannot say I am of the “speak and it is done” persuasion, but rather “speak until it is done.”  There are other examples where people persisted in asking until they received their requests.

We have found many evil spirits hidden away in persons who had been pronounced “delivered” by those who only pray once and “it is done.”  I am sorry to disagree, but such an approach simply does not dig out deep demonic roots.

We do not seek specific manifestations, neither do we avoid them.  The skeptic will never believe the supernatural strength, ugliness, and utter horror of the enemy until confronted with the harsh realities of them in deliverance sessions.  Strength, contortions and speaking out by evil spirits has been the clinching convincer for many who had believed that we were merely dealing with psychological or purely natural happenings.  I am convinced that God often permits such displays to stop the mouth of the gainsayers.

There are those who argue that workers should never be pummeled, tossed around, bitten, spit on, etc.  I point out that soldiers who join close quarter battle with a vicious enemy will occasionally receive battle scars – but nothing that the Lord cannot handle.

I have had an eye laid open by a Karate chop, but instead of five stitches, prayer by fellow workers stopped the bleeding instantly, healed it and took away all pain.  It never bled again, was not bruised, sore or even tender and the miracle caused people to praise the Lord.

Recently in a threshing battle one of four men had his nose broken when the demon snapped a man’s head against it.  There was severe pain, of course, but it instantly ceased as we prayed and the nose healed completely on the spot with no swelling or after effects.

To say one will never be attacked if walking in the will of God is to ignore incidents such as Stephen being bitten (Acts 7:54) and later stoned to death (Acts 7:58).  Paul and others often suffered ill treatment physically and this was no reflection on their spiritual condition.  We must “endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ” as Paul instructed Timothy (II Timothy 2:3).

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