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Rock and Roll Music


An outstanding feature of rock music is the unprecedented emphasis it gives to rhythmic beat. This overemphasis on rhythm can have a devastating, hypnotic effect on listeners.  The extremely high volume of electronically amplified rock music has actually damaged hearing permanently in some cases.

Former Rock and Roll musician Bob Larson analyzes the music: “By its very beat and sound it has always implicitly rejected restraints and celebrated freedom and sexuality.  With its repetition, pulsated and syncopated rhythms, rock and roll numbs the senses and induces a state of moral oblivion.  the beat of rock, with amplified intensity, encourages a feeling of complete abandonment of accepted social behavior.

“The electronic insistence of guitars accompanied by the neurotic throbbing of drums compels the shedding of inhibitions.  The cacophonous sound of rock, often performed beyond the auditory threshold of pain, literally assaults the listener and immerses him in a physically sensuous experience.  In this condition his mind is easy prey for the lyrics of rock songs!”

“The lyrics ridicule religion and make mockery of that which is sacred.  They glorify promiscuous sex and invite immediate and complete physical and emotional self-indulgence.  They promote hallucinogenic drugs and advocate the supposed euphoria of marijuana….change, wildness, sexual freedom and rebellion against all civil and moral authority.”

Hagee reports that “Much of the music being produced today lends itself exclusively to the drug culture.  Rock festivals held in cow pastures with nothing to offer but noise and drugs are a smashing success….Many performers….live openly immoral lives.  These acid-head freaked-out purveyors of pornography perform with cheap theatricalism and blatant sexual exhibitionism…”

Larson correctly states, “Unlike the spoken word which must be mentally translated to be interpreted, music can affect one on a physical level….Rock is the first popular music ever written, not to be heard, but to be felt.  Consequently it must be amplified at high volume levels.  It actually provides a tactile sensation to the human body.  It is not the melody line or the chromatic arrangement of the chords that is important, but rather the beat that is absolutely essential to rock and roll.”

“This music does not breed contentment but revolution and destruction of self.  Self destruction of any description is the hallmark of satanic ministry….The mesmerizing music and the use of drugs to escape into a fantasy world opens the human body and mind to a dimension beyond its capacity to endure.  The end result is physical ruin and emotional disorders medical science cannot cure.”

Much of rock music deliberately glorifies drugs and drugs have been a way of life for many rock heroes.  Recently they were a way of death for rock singer Janis Joplin and, perhaps indirectly, for Jimi Hendrix.

Alex Lackey observes, “such songs on sex as `Let’s Do It In The Road,’ ‘Light My Fire,’ ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together,’ `Wet Dream Over You,’ and `Group Grope,’ are common on the record and song-hit music market.  Examples of others that are intended to break down moral barriers, and lead to experimenting in drugs are: `Rainy Day Woman’ (rain refers to heroin).  `Buy For Me Rain,’ `Colored Rain,’ `Blue Cheer’ (LSD), `Bend Me, Shape Me,’ `Magic Carpet Ride.’

“In the recording ‘The End,’ produced by a group known as The Doors, a youth is described approaching his parents’ room saying: ‘Father,’ ‘Yes, Son.’ ‘Father, I want to kill you.’  The statement concerning his intentions for his mother would be unprintable.  A member of another group,  The Mothers Of Invention, has stated that a teenager can get the same effect from music that he can from dope.  The groups frankly admit that their music pushes narcotics and illicit sex.”

“Rock bands say that they know they can cause a riot any time they want to.  John Phillips, of the Mamas and the Papas, admitted that `by carefully controlling the sequence of rhythms, anybody can create audience hysteria.’  Other groups boast that they can, at will, `turn on the chicks.’  Admittedly, this is followed by drinking, smoking pot, and illicit sex.”

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