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Ranks of the Enemy


Demons seem to fall into three broad categories.  The most powerful are those in the heavenlies, charged with the overall direction of Satan’s program.

There is also a bottom, lower echelon to which demons refer.  There are spirits who are not embodied in people, but who roam the earth carrying out orders to cause accidents, trouble and harassment to human beings.

The middle division seems to encompass those demons whose job is to gain entrance to mortal bodies.  They then attempt to manipulate, control and direct the victims, using trickery, lies, deception or whatever will secure the victims cooperation in their own destruction.  To steal, kill and destroy is always the goal of the spirits.

A demon recently boasted, “We control and direct their thoughts about themselves and others.  Especially we like to secretly infiltrate Christians thinking to turn them against each other.  Their unity of thought and purpose is dangerous and must be destroyed at all costs.”

This tactic of dividing and sowing suspicion among the believers he described as a chief mans to cripple the Body of Christ.  “A mortal’s biggest weakness is another mortal, so we set them against each other to rob, steal and hide anything they learn,” he continued.  He declared that entirely due to the stupidity and ignorance of the believers this maneuver is an astoundingly effective tool – 90% successful!  How sad that the soldiers of the Lord waste so much of their energy and time fighting each other while the enemy smirks and snickers at our ignorance.

Another sad commentary is the way Christians bite and devour one another.  Someone has well said that God’s army is the only one on earth which slaughters the wounded in its ranks!  All other armies provide special help and encouragement to those who fall in the battle.  It is great to be successful in the Lord’s army, but woe to the one who is tripped, snared and wounded by the enemy.  His former followers and comrades usually show little compassion or understanding for the injured warrior, and actually often attack and dispatch him in short order.

The top division of the demonic hierarchy supervises and closely monitors activities in the lower ranks.  This is to see that they are functioning efficiently and carrying out their assignments without violating any of the ground rules in Scripture.  Any violation here brings severe repercussions from the top ranks down.  Those occupying the commanding positions are stronger, more vicious and more intelligent that their underlings.

Within these three broad categories there are various levels and positions as well.  The well-spring of all power and authority is Lucifer, the fallen archangel.  It is interesting to note that Scriptures such as Luke 10:19 speak of “delegated authority.”  A free translation would be: “Behold I give you power (delegated authority) over all the power (delegated authority) of the enemy . .

Annihilating the Hosts of Hell – Book 2 by Win Worley © 1981, pgs 38-40

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