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Psychic Prayers


Psychic prayer attempts to influence the Lord to cause someone to move in a certain direction. Whether or not the direction desired is God’s will for the person makes no difference. Praying with wrong motivations to pressure others to act, think or feel a certain way, constitutes psychic prayer. Because this is a disguised form of witchcraft and often Jezebellic manipulation, it is dangerous.

Soulish prayer enlists the human spirit attempting to pressure the spirit and mind of the other person to come around to the desired way of thinking. Attempting to play God and force decisions on others is a form of manipulation which can have hurtful effect, especially when the parties are open to each other.

For example, a man may desire to gain the affections of a young lady. Because he desires this so earnestly he is convinced it must be God’s will for a close relationship. Although he takes his request to the Lord, it is possible his mind is already made up and “prayer” becomes more of a pressing for confirmation than seeking God’s will.

Deceiving spirits can arrange circumstances to appear to be the desired confirmation. He may even feel sure that he has heard directly from the Lord with a revelation concerning the matter. Encouraged, he prays that her eyes be opened to receive the same “revelation” concerning him. Mentally he has put a claim on her spirit and is attempting to place her in a form of spiritual bondage to himself, even if she is unaware of this.

Continuing to pray in this manner will bring the force of his psychic prayers to bear to influence her, bypassing her will. She may begin to question why she is thinking about the man so much with no apparent reason, especially if thus far she felt no particular drawing toward him. He, on the other hand, noting the awakening of her interest, will believe firmly his prayers are being answered by God and will step up his efforts.

If there is a spirit of lust driving this process, this also can be transmitted through the media off psychic prayers. The female may begin to wonder why she feels a physical drawing to one who previously held no such attraction. If she is not a logical thinker, unable to discern what is going on, she may be pressured into a relationship by the sheer force of these psychic prayers.

Even if a woman is able to sit down and analyze the factors leading to this, and decides she really does not want this relationship, she is still sometimes overwhelmed by the strong witchcraft spirits at work. When this happens she is pressured into a relationship that will be a bondage for her.

When she does sidestep the relationship by refusing to become involved, she may go through months of confused feelings and psychic torment initiated by someone preforming charismatic witchcraft by projecting soulish thoughts and prayers upon her.

Relationships created by psychic manipulation will be marked by heaviness and intensity, rather than lightness and joy. This is because witchcraft spirits operating always include lustful desires to possess and dominate the other person. If the lady is friendly and open to the man, there will be a transfer of spirits and she will soon begin to feel as he does.

When a person begins to be driven to please a partner at the cost of sacrificing, hiding or altering his own personality, the relationship is based on bondage. When the real personality does surface, there will be confusion about proper feelings or actions which indicates a loss of freedom. It is possible for people to go on for years in this fashion and in the process actually lose their own identity by becoming submerged in the personality of another.

God never purposed that we become carbon copies, puppets or robots controlled by others. By so doing many have surrendered their wills to another person rather than to the Lord.

A witch casts a love (lust) spell on a reluctant partner by concentrating her psychic forces on the person, using articles of clothing or photographs. Through the force of psychic prayers a similar thing can be done. If the suitor has something in his possession which belongs to the one he wishes to influence, it is possible to unknowingly act as a witch holding onto these articles physically she is holding the person spiritually.

When such a relationship has been broken off, it is best to dispose of all articles and possessions belonging to the other person. This is to prevent these objects from being channels of psychic attack. Exactly how this works is not completely understood but many times it has happened and harmful soul ties are often involved. Rings seem to be particularly dangerous in this connection. Another example of psychic prayer occurs when groups of people gather for prayer to make “intercession” for a person whom they, knowingly or unknowingly, are trying to force into a course of action they approve. This could include prayer for a pastor that he lead the church in a certain way, take certain actions, or the his “eyes be opened” concerning his “deception.”

Any prayers which attempt to second-guess God’s will abut something is like walking a spiritual tightrope. We must learn to pray directed by the Holy Spirit lest we fall into the realm of witchcraft. We need to know the Scripture about prayer.

Spiritual warfare prayers are to be directed against the powers of darkness rather than toward a person. This form of prayer may indeed be the most pure, undefiled by our own carnal desires. To successfully war in the spirit, there must be discernment as to who and where the enemy is in order to collapse satanic strongholds which bind people. With such discernment and guidance much can be accomplished.

When the Lord Jesus taught the disciples to pray the model prayer there is no mention of trying to influence other people in any way. We should take this model and not allow our prayers to become soulish and degenerate into the realm of witchcraft an psychic powers.

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