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Preparation Before and During Deliverance


1.  Have pillows to muffle loud noises if the noise of manifesting demons might be a problem (for example, in an apartment).

2.  Have paper

a. Keep files to enable effective follow-up on those in your fellowship;
b. Write down Scriptures brought up during the session for memorization and meditation;
c. Write down spirits discerned which may not have been dealt with when discerned.  These may be used in future deliverance sessions.

3.  Have paper towels and tissues for times when the spirits leave through the mouth, nose or by tears.

4.  Sit close together, often with one person on either side of the one receiving ministry.

5.  Under most circumstances do not pray alone because one can never been sure there will not be a violent manifestation.  Have a team of at least two workers praying since discernment is a body ministry and often shared between those ministering.

6.  Avoid men ministering alone to a woman without another woman present (and vice versa).

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