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Prayer Against the Witches Incantations


In the Name of my Lord, Savior, and Deliverer, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we come against and bind the Strongman, Prince, Prince-Ruling Spirit, and all Spirit Guides associated with (specific name or coven). We right now bind all psychic heredity that was enheritted through the blood line of these (this) witch(es) and ask you, Lord Jesus, to seal the third eye through which they see into the occult realm. We also ask, Father, that you would restrain them from astral projection and that their cursing come back upon their own heads as your Word declares. We also ask that you send your angels to make sure that their curses are returned to them, and that these returning curses are not blocked by their magic or sorcery. We come through the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Name of Jesus Christ as we bind, blind, gag, deafen, paralyze and silence you, demons, and forbid you from influencing or strengthening any witch, warlock, spiritualist, satanist, (or specific name) right now in the Name of Jesus Christ.

We bind the spirits of Hate, Bitterness, Murder, Wizardry, Sorcery, Witchcraft, Magic, Occult, Control, Lust for Power, Lust for Position, Rejection and Pride (etc.) in order to destroy the demonic work, power, influence, plans, or appointments of these demons in the Name of Jesus Christ. We place you on notice, demons, that you will not be able to use these (this) soul(s) any longer against any church, group, family, individual, or themselves, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We take authority over and come against the spirits of Blindness, Spiritual Blindness, Darkness, Occult Darkness, Wicked Heart of Unbelief, Pride, and Deception; binding the spirits of Bondage, Heaviness, Fear, and Hate in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We ask You, Heavenly Father, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, to send Warrior Angels to blind, gag, deafen, and paralyze these spirits, forbidding them from influencing or interfering with these souls so that they can have control over their own free wills and be able to make up their own minds should they choose to repent. We pray that they would be able to do this without any demonic or satanic interference.

Lord Jesus, we pray that you would release Warrior Angels to wage war against these demons and their activities. We also pray that you would send ministering angels of Salvation, Adoption as Children of God, Conviction, Repentance, Humility, Contrite, Brokenness, Knowledge, Revelation, Understanding, Grace, Mercy, Truth, Forgiveness, and any others necessary to minister to their souls.

Lord, open their eyes so that they can see the Glory of Jesus. Open their hearts so that they can hear Your voice. Break the yokes in their lives and give them liberty in their souls so that they may be free to repent. Show them every evil work and deed that they’re guilty of, and Lord Jesus, convict their hearts unto repentance. Bring these souls out of darkness, save these souls so that You may have the Glory.

Heavenly Father, we humbly ask all these things in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen, Amen, and Amen!


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