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More About Jezebel


The scripture is quite explicit that the pastors of flocks should be hospitable.  The Jezebel spirit in a woman will cause her to be jealous and stingy and stifle any effort of the husband to obey the scriptural injunction.  If he attempts to share and do what God has commanded, he faces the open or covert opposition of his wife.

She is baffled that her husband soon brings no one home and that he prefers to visit in the homes of others where the wife is hospitable and generous and there is an atmosphere of genuine love and unselfishness.  Again the woman who thinks to gain by such maneuvers, to have her husband and all these things to herself and her own selection, will be defeated by the husband’s withdrawal and loss of interest.

Many pastors feel cramped and hindered by their wife’s lack of hospitality in the matter of opening the home to be a center for Christian love and witness.  The woman often ends up with a beautifully appointed house, but with no one to enjoy it.  Her selfishness and inability to share what the Lord has given except with the ones she chooses strangles hospitality.  The Bible does not say the wife, but the husband is to be given to hospitality.  In other words, the pace is to be set by the husband, not the wife.  Perhaps this is because there is a great possibility that the woman may become selfish and grasping with the things her husband has provided.

This is yet another reason that women should not work, since they will be unable to handle both a job and the business of being hospitable.  Some women have followed their husband’s lead and opened their home uncomplainingly and have won their husband’s admiration.  Others have whined and are so contentious about the matter that the husband feels smothered and unable to use his  home as a center of hospitality.  The Jezebellic woman’s refusal to be guided and regulated by the husband’s authority becomes very obvious in these situations.  She will either refuse to cooperate or else she wants to arrange it all and refuses to follow the lead of her husband.

The Jezebel spirit in a woman makes her the world’s champion complainer.  Nothing is ever quite right.  She will incessantly be finding short comings to be in misery about.  She may ask her husband if she should or should not do something, but if the answer is not what she herself wants, she begins a determined campaign to change his mind and will repeat the question over and over again, hoping that, in disgust, he will accede to her persistence and she will indeed get her own way.

Fortunate is the man with a gracious and giving wife who is able to provide a warm and loving atmosphere in which younger and older people alike can flourish and enjoy a gracious home.

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