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Mind Control is a spirit whom we have met more recently than most.  He heads a very powerful family of evil spirits who may enter a person through a variety of doors.  We first encountered him in dealing with Karate.  Later he was exposed in connection with hypnosis, meditation, ESP, positive thinking, stoicism, asceticism, traumatic shocks, drugs and yoga.

One of the indications that you have tangled with a Mind Control spirit is an immediate attack on the workers’ minds.  The terrific pressure can hinder both normal thought and the operation of the gift of discernment of spirits.  He seems to feed off the spiritual energy of other types of spirits.  It is almost as though there were a series of power plants which are able to shunt power at will into a particular outlet.

He can garner energy, not only from spirits in the subject being prayed for but from others in the vicinity.  Thus you will face the combined energy and power of a company of spirits, all fed through Mind Control to focus against you.

Here is a prayer found effective against this maneuver:  “Heavenly Father, please send angels to seal off every door through which Mind Control is receiving reinforcement and aid.  Block every access with the blood of Jesus.  In Jesus’ Name, Father, I ask that You seal off all spirits in this place from which Mind Control and his troops can draw strength.  Send angels to break and prevent all communication of such spirits with their ruler princes and with Satan himself.  In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by His shed blood I ask all this.  Amen”

Mind Control has proven to be a resourceful foe, but he can be defeated and cast out.  He often works with other demons and is noticeable in battle for his composure and arrogant confidence.  This facade and bravado will last until the final moments.

Let me relate one way in which these demons can bring special torment in the area of masturbation.  Several young men asked for help in dealing with a peculiar problem.  Although they had mastered and broken this habit, periodically they would masturbate in their sleep.  They would rouse enough to be conscious of what was occurring, but not sufficiently to stop what they were doing.

Orgasms were followed with floods of deep guilt and feelings of failure, along with constant doubts about their own sincerity.  Accusations would fly in their minds that the action was deliberate and that they were seeking to escape responsibility for it.  Try as he would, the victim involved could not wake up in time.

In deliverance we discovered that this phenomena was driven by Mind Control.  He gloated over the torment and misery he was able to inflict.  He cackled cruelly as he explained how he made sure that the young man was conscious of what was happening, but powerless to stop.  He sneered that such partial consciousness was necessary to exact maximum suffering from the victim afterward.

In order to break this strongly entrenched power, it was necessary to bind Mind Control.  Next we learned to break his control over Masturbation so we could attack this subordinate spirit directly.  After he and other supporting spirits were cast out, (Lust, Evil Dreams, Sexual Fantasies, etc.) we carried the fight directly to Mind Control himself.  Weakened by his losses, after a fierce battle he would be forced to leave.

Battling the Hosts of Hell © 1976 by Win Worley,  pp. 232-233.  W R W, P.O. Box 852626, Mesquite, TX, 75185.

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