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Jewelry and Other Occult Traps


The Bible speaks of the danger of ignorance in God’s people (Hosea 4:6) and how risky it is even to bring things God classes as abomination into our homes (Deut 7:25,26). Unfortunately, our generation is so ignorant of God’s Word that it has been quite simple for Satan to attack us at will.

Many unknowingly invite demonic attack by dabbling in jewelry loaded with occult symbolism and power. An amulet is worn to ward off evil spirits, while a talisman supposedly transmits power to the wearer. Often it is covered with figures or words alleged to bring good luck and avert evil. It is an insult to God for believers to wear such trinkets when they have such marvelous promises (Psalm 50:15; 91:2,11).

Amulets are said to guard against the third or “evil eye” used in witchcraft to inflict injury or harm. The Bible mentions this in Mark 7:21,22 and Proverbs 22:6. Sometimes this is symbolic of deity and bears names such as the Eye of Ra, Eye of Atuor, or the Eye of Horus and is often associated with jealousy. The Grecians had a phylactos for protection.

The Italian Horn or Cornu (a wiggly horn) is sometimes worn alone or in combination with a cross. One woman reports that before she was born again she wore this on a chain. She was sick for eighteen years, underwent five major surgical operations, and was in the hospital twelve times. Some protection!

The occult (hidden, secret) realm belongs to Satan and the demons. Those who become involved will be badly damaged by the contact. They receive a curse from God to the third and fourth generation. Occult dabbling will lead to all sorts of problems from physical sickness to moral and mental troubles.

Another charm supposed to work against the evil eye is the Manyu Cornatu or The Hand. There is an amulet called a Figa (a fist with index and little finger, pointing up and the two middle fingers held down by the thumb). It is sometimes called a Manu (to make a fig with the hand). This sign is used as a “goat’s head” by Satan worshipers and also as an obscene gesture.

Another thing commonly seen is the Ankh, symbol of the Egyptian fertility goddess (lust). One branch of witches called Alexandrians combine a rose with five petals with the Ankh. It is a cross with an oval loop on top. A ram or goat’s head is worn by Satan worshipers. This too is a symbol of fertility and lust.

All the signs of the Zodiac are rooted in the Babylon system so hated and detested by God. Believers should avoid anything having to do with such abominations as astrology and horoscopes (Deuteronomy 4:19; 18:10; Isaiah 47:13). We should have nothing to do with mood rings, four leaf clovers, rabbit’s foot, horse shoes, etc. Biorhythm and Biofeedback, the pseudo-scientific computations done with a calculator, were invented by a practicing witch, I understand. Reflexology and Irisology, likewise, smack of occult roots.

Copper rings, bracelets and necklaces are advertised as “good luck” or “healing” articles. Turquoise jewelry fashioned in American Indian witchcraft designs flood the land.

It is amazing how far Satan has pushed his program of contagion. This causes legal grounds and legal holds to be given to his demons for attaching on their dupes, their homes and families. A nationally distributed brand of jewelry is manufactured by a witches’ coven. Similarly a popular cosmetic company is one of the leading pushers of zodiac and other occult jewelry.

Owls and frogs have cropped up everywhere in pictures, ceramics and macrame. We and other deliverance people have discovered these to be channels for witchcraft spirits to attack. The Bible classifies them as unclean creatures associated with darkness, demons and witchcraft. (Exodus 8; Lev 11:17; Ps 78:45; 105:30; Rev 16:13).

A long-time deliverance worker shared with me his conviction that one of the reasons for various animals and birds being classified unclean was because these particular creatures are more susceptible to demonic possession than others. This is interesting because often God ordered total extermination of some cities by the Israelites, including men, women, children, babies and all of their animals and birds–even including “clean” ones. The reason was because of the in-depth saturation of even the poultry and livestock with witchcraft and occult practices. To avoid contagion and infection by these deadly spiritual viruses, the command was total destruction. 4

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