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Holding Deliverance


After Pastor Worley cast out spirits of sinus trouble and migraine headaches, I had three glorious weeks of freedom from any pain.  After years of almost constant suffering, this was an incredible change.

Suddenly, one morning I awoke shocked to find I had all the symptoms of sinus and migraine.  Dismayed and puzzled, before I confessed anything, I began to wait on the Lord and pray.  The Holy Spirit began to show me that Satan was trying to put the symptoms back on me and convince me that I had not been delivered.  I had been going through a stress-filled situation for a couple of days and perhaps this had given an advantage to the enemy.  When I realized what was happening, I took authority over satan and his demons and commanded them to leave me in Jesus’ name.  Immediately the terrible symptoms relaxed and then ceased entirely!

Later the same morning this happened, I received a letter from Pastor Worley warning that the devil would use this very tactic but that I must resist him and refuse to accept his attacks.  This was a word of knowledge and confirmation for me, especially since the letter was written a week before the attack!

I believe that, according to Mark 11:23, many times what we say or confess with our lips can be more important than what we believe.  The word “believe” occurs only once in the verse while “say” is repeated three times.  The last part of the passage is: “…he shall have whatsoever he saith.”   After believing I had been delivered and Satan hit me with the fiery darts of his lying symptoms, it became hard to accept that God had healed me. Had I given in and begun to believe that perhaps I was mistaken, that I was not healed, I would have soon had the whole package back.  James put it plainly when he instructed believers to submit to the Lord, then resist the devil.  The submitted, resisting child of God may expect satan to flee from him.  (James 4:7)   We must learn to hold the delivered areas against the onslaughts of a determined foe.  (Joshua 1:7-9; Deuteronomy 28).  15

Holding Your Deliverance - WorleyThe above is an excerpt from “Holding Your Deliverance, Booklet #9″ by Pastor Win Worley. Copyright © 1983 by Win Worley, Revised © 1992. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including storage and retrieval system, without securing permission in writing from the publisher, WRW Publications, PO BOX 9309, Highland, IN 46322.

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