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Denzel Calls on Spirits of Slaves


With a mother being a gospel singer and father a Pentecostal Preacher, Denzel Washington claims his faith as a christian and shares openly that he attends a Church of God in Christ fellowship. In interviews he is found mentioning, reading the Bible and speaking about God. Could all of this mean that Mr. Washington is saved?

That would be an answer that only the Father in heaven would know. Now what we see through his life seems to speak louder than words in an interview. Evidence of secular attachments seem to plaster over all of the words he’s claimed. This evidence includes his personal collection of James Brown, the Beatles, Rolling Stones and all of Lenny Kravitz’s music on his Ipod (Reader’s Digest). This may seem like a small flaw, but still classifies as an open sin since he is not ashamed. Another open involvement would include his participation in the film, Philadelphia (1993). He plays a lawyer who defends an exposed homosexual. What this movie has done is promote emotional bonds / soul ties with a homosexual character or idea. Viewers may have qualms about the concept at the beginning of the movie, but feel compassion near the end seeing the homosexual character suffer from AIDS. Mr. Washington chooses which projects/movies of which he can take part. His involvement has resulted in an agreement with the sin.

In the 1989 film (Glory), Mr. Washington describes preparation for a scene in an interview.
before going out to shoot the whipping scene, I’m backstage in a room, and I’m thinking, how am I gonna do this scene? All I did – you know people ask me, how did you prepare? – I say, I prayed. And I got on my knees and they were waiting for me, and I prayed. And then I prayed to all the spirits. I said, “Look fellas, ladies” and I’m talking about those who have been, and I said, “Look I don’t know, I’m just rolling with you all. Just whatever happens, I’m going. And I said are you with me? Come on!” I’m serious! And I went out there and what hit me was, I’m in charge. Never put my head down This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, the character – and ,in fact, I had the guy build all the scars to put on my back – and I went out there with an attitude that I’m going to take this and not fold. But it hurt. And the tear was actually real. You know, you just allow it and you’re thankful for it. It’s not technical. It’s not science. It’s
spirit.” (IMDB)

Reading this the first time over, he isn’t specific with which spirit he is talking about. It sounds like he could have been talking about praying to the Holy Spirit and asking for his angels to give him direction. Here is another interview depicting the same scene.

I remember walking around before that scene, just praying and calling on the spirits of all the slaves, because I didn’t know how to play it. I was like, ‘Okay, fellas, just tell me what to do’. And I went out there with an arrogance. I spit on the ground. I had this attitude and this strength — it all came out of this meditation. It wasn’t calculated. It was organic. That whip actually hurt, but I was like, ‘Don’t let him win‘. (IMDB)

Clearly, this sounds like channeling, necromancy or familiar spirits. What does the Bible say about this; the same Bible Mr. Washington claims to have read twice over?

Lev. 19:31
Duet 18:12
Chronicles 10:13-14

When asked what Mr. Washington enjoyed the most out of making films, he answered “...Let me explain to you how it works. All right, now come see the show. It’s supposed to be magic. And being an actor is about creating that magic.

Here is an interview with Spike Lee speaking of Denzel’s role in Malcom X and other movies.

Even the interviewer depicts the performance as “Scary” more than once. Spike Lee mentions how Mr. Washington studied the Koran and listened for over hundreds of hours of Malcom X. What is this spiritual purity that Mr. Lee speaks of? Apparently, he was met with such a level of spiritual purity that he named his son, Malcom, after his familiar spirit, Malcom X.

Could this be the spiritual purity that Mr. Washington claims to have faith in?

Readers Digest:What do you think your strengths are as an actor?”
Washington: “I don’t analyze myself. I put it out there, and it’s up to the people to interpret it. I keep it simple, try to continue my spiritual quest.

Maybe Mr. Washington has changed from his ways and the spiritual quest is actually talking about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Washington talks about consulting Will Smith for the film, “Ali”, “Try to capture the spirit. That’s what I was telling Will Smith. He called me one time before he started ALI. That was a tough film. “And he was saying, ‘What should I do?’ And he did the voice for me, and he had it, and I said, ‘I think you should go to Michigan and pray with Ali, y’know?’ “That’s what I did every day. I mean seriously, when I did CRY FREEDOM and when I did Malcolm X, I would just pray every morning before I came out of that trailer. “It was like, ‘Malcolm, come on, ’cause it’s not for me… it’s for you and for those, hopefully, that you’ve affected.(ContactMusic)

It sounds like Mr. Washington is still trying to capture that spirit as of 2006.

By Jesse W.



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