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Conditions for Deliverance


“Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God will all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind”  (Matthew 22:37).

These are the conditions for successful deliverance from demons: Humility, absolute honesty, willingness to turn from and confess all known sin, renunciation of all contact with evil spirits, the forgiving of all other persons, and complete surrender of every area of the life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

When it is demonic, the problem in the life must be faced squarely as the work of an evil spirit.  It is indeed surprising how many people will attempt to rationalize away this fact and deny the presence of an evil spirit when all the symptoms are there.  One seeking deliverance must utterly renounce and hate all the demons and all of their various manifestations in his life.  If he clings knowingly to even one small facet of the demonic in his life, he can block the entire deliverance.  God requires an unqualified and unconditional surrender and renunciation of the enemy.

Although believers wielding the name of Jesus have authority over every demon spirit, they cannot coerce the human will.  In dealing with individuals, Jesus did not violate the human will.  We have had cases where deliverance was proceeding smoothly until some spirit (discerned by the workers) was rebuked, commanded to manifest and to leave.  When this concerned an area unsurrendered to the Lord, the person immediately emerged and the demon was released from pressure.  Deliverance ceased immediately and most of the time the person became angry and upset.  Deliverance is not selective.  God wants the whole person clean.

Our first step is to try to lead a person to the definite acceptance of Jesus Christ, if he has not already done this before we pray for healing or deliverance.  If there is no clear-cut testimony to salvation, we first ask him to invite Jesus Christ into his heart orally, to reaffirm his faith (Revelation 3:20).  The experience of surrender to Jesus Christ and inviting Him to come in and save us from sin is a spiritual disaster for the demons.  His presence as Saviour stuns and weakens any demons making them much easier to remove.

The person desiring deliverance should and can help in his deliverance.  Throwing aside past fears associated with his failure to cope with the forces within himself, he must link his weak faith with the stronger faith of the workers who gather around him to pray.  He must earnestly desire to be free.  A climate of love, compassion and faith is needed to break the bondage.  Although the demons will bully and threaten, and even physically torture their victim, he must determine to see it through in order that the battle be won.

There should be a verbal confession of Jesus Christ as Saviour; the sins of word, mind and body; and of any occult involvement.  Satan’s legal right to a life is broken by the renunciation of each sin and by the rejection of its effect on that life as a lie of the devil (2 Corinthians 4:2); then the truth in God’s Word concerning the situation may be claimed.  For troublesome fears that sometimes occur at this time, read 2 Timothy 1:7 aloud.

Forgiveness of every person who has hurt or disappointed the one seeking deliverance is crucial, not optional, to a complete healing or deliverance.  Jesus taught us to pray: “Lord Jesus, I forgive {name the person} for anything he/she  ever did to hurt or disappoint me, and I want you to bless him/her.”

When all remembered hurts have been forgiven (husbands, wives, children, parents, relatives, best friends, boy friends, girl friends, teachers, pastors, bosses, etc.), ask the Lord in Jesus’ name to bring to mind any other person against whom resentment and bitterness is being held, grieving the Holy Spirit.  The names will come into the mind and should be dealt with until no more are forthcoming.  God is fair; He will bring to mind those resentments which have created roots of bitterness (Ephesians 4:31; Hebrews 12:15).

Many times during deliverance it may become essential to pause and deal with any unconfessed sins.  The usual method is to force the manifesting demon to retreat, allowing the person himself to “surface”.  He then can confess and renounce whatever sin or curse is involved.  When battling particularly strong ruler demons this may be difficult because, at this stage, they will strenuously oppose efforts to reach the person.  A strong rear-guard action is to prevent the loss of any ground formerly given to Satan.

1 John 5:16 states:  “If any man see his brother sin a sin not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death.”

On behalf of the beleaguered person, you may confess his sin for him.  This has been used with great effectiveness to break the hold of the resisting demon.  A word of caution; this does not replace 1 John 1:9 and the believer’s responsibility to confess his own sins.  Such personal confession should follow as soon as possible.  This personal confession should include every sin confessed on the believer’s behalf.

Though this alternative is effective, the effect is limited by the person’s willingness to openly and completely confess and forsake his sin (Proverbs 28:13).

Complete surrender is particularly important and must be maintained if the deliverance is to last.  God sets people free to follow Jesus and serve Him, not to go their own merry ways.  If a person resists the conditions of deliverance, he is not ready.

“And these signs shall follow those who believe:  In my name shall they cast out demons …”   (Mark 16:17)

In your first direct encounter with demons you may expect sensations of stark fear, with chills, while looking into the leering eyes of a hellish spirit.  This is no reason to draw back!  A human being, confronted with the unveiled forces of darkness and evil for the first time is sure to have a reaction, and a powerful one at that.  Do not rush madly to the panic button and lean on it, assuming you are unfit for front-line service.  Rather, rest on the calm assurance that the power of Jesus Christ’s name is more sufficient to protect you.  Claim Philippians 4:13:  “I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me.”   Let God prove Himself sufficient.  Jesus has given you the commission to cast out demons (Mark 16:17).

There are times when a stubborn demon will fail to give any sign of his presence and will resist any overt manifestation.  The natural tendency of the workers attempting to pressure him to the surface is to feel that perhaps they are on the wrong track.  Demons resist exposure, so it is encouraging to note that one of the signs they are near the end of their resistance to openly showing themselves is the eyes of the victim begin to water.  Be encouraged and press the attack more vigorously.

Calmly and deliberately advance, demanding authoritatively and confidently in the name of Jesus that the demons manifest and leave the person, calling them by name.  If they refuse to come out, ask them why, or by what authority they stay.  Then attack the authority they claim.  Usually they will stay by their own or Satan’s authority, and sometimes on the authority of a curse (one we dealt with went back hundreds of years!).  Quote scriptures declaring your authority over Satan and his hosts (Philippians 2:9; Ephesians 1:19-21).

If they still resist and refuse, demand to talk to the person in whom the demon is residing.  Demons may argue against this, but insist in Jesus’ name and the person will again “surface”.  When you are talking with the individual, have him renounce the spirits by name, in the name of Jesus and claim his freedom from them.

Keep repeating the Scriptures and demanding that the demons comply and come out of the person, citing Jesus’ name as your authority.  In the case of a curse, come against the curse, hex, potion, charm, incantation, or spell by the blood of Jesus Christ to break it (be sure the victim has renounced the curses in the name of Jesus).  Remind the demon that Jesus died upon the cross and became a curse for us (Galatians 3:13) and that my His death He blotted out the handwriting of ordinances against us (Colossians 2:14).  These have proved effective with all curses.

The blood will break the curse and give the demon no grounds upon which to remain.  Be sure there is no sin the person is clinging to, for this can block the whole deliverance process.  In the case of a curse, send the demons by command back to the persons who sent them (Psalm 7:16; 109:17; Proverbs 26:27).  They will wreak havoc on the persons who worked the spell, for spirits are vicious creatures and become infuriated when frustrated in doing their job.

In their rebellion against God, demons work to bring God’s creature, man, into as much moral and spiritual ruination as possible.  They seek to express their own evil desires and achieve their satisfactions through the use of the minds and bodies of their unwitting hosts.  A spirit will put up quite a battle to keep from being evicted from his “house” as he designates his victim.

You will need other believers present to help you physically as well as spiritually.  Depending on many factors, the strength of the demon spirits is such that it is often difficult to restrain the person in whom they are resident.  It is quite common for a demon to resist by screaming, kicking, biting, fighting, banging head or limbs on the floor, vomiting, and so forth.  The supernatural strength these creatures can exert is something which must be seen to be believed.

When demons come out of hiding, discerned and cornered by believing Christians, the stronger spirits will seize control of every faculty of their victim in a wild attempt to run away.  It is to be expected, in the case of a severely demonized person, that the demons will go berserk and it will be like trying to hold a wild bucking horse, as the demon attempts to break loose and escape.  Care must be exercised in restraining the person, in order not to injure their limbs or body.  You must never strike a demonized person, no mater what they do.  The demon would enjoy your injuring the victim.  He does not care about what happens to the host, and gets pleasure from his or her suffering.

Only by prayer combined with physical force can the demons be subdued and held.  Only the overwhelming authority and power of our wonderful Saviour prevents them from tearing us apart. That protection was absent in the account in Acts where demons in one man severely beat and stripped eight other men naked and chased them bleeding into the street (Acts 19:14).  I and other workers have been bitten, punched in the face, clawed, butted, spat upon, kicked and otherwise physically assailed by the demons, and we were wielding the authority of Christ!

The face of the victim will sometimes twist and distort into the most outlandish shapes and forms that make it look less than human.  I have seen faces assume impossible caricatures which closely resembled animals, not human beings.  Do not be surprised when moans and animal-like growls and roars come from the person being prayed for.  The eyes will glaze and pure hate, rage, and murder will be mirrored in them.

In some cases the eyelids will seldom, if ever, blink.  The demon will refer to the demonized one in the third person.  “She wants me,” or “I own him, I won’t come out of him;” “She doesn’t hear you;” “You are hurting his leg (or arm);” “That’s right, press a little harder there, she’ll have a good bruise tomorrow;”  and so on.

When there is the yelling and screaming of obscenities, you can command the demons to be still in Jesus’ name and many times this will quiet them.  However, I have seen some who only screamed and cursed louder in response.  Sometimes we just hold the mouth.  But be careful, those teeth will hurt when they find an opportunity to bite!  Be firm and quiet in your approach, for the spirits are not deaf.  You need not descend to a shouting match.

Very often defeated spirits will ask where they can go.  At one time we ordered them to go to the pit or to hell.  The evil spirits, although they know about the pit, insisted that we could not do that.  Checking the Scriptures, there was no basis for doing this.  A demon was right when he angrily demanded that I show him in “that Book” where it said I could send him to the pit.  When I asked, “What Book?” he warily replied, “You know what Book, I’m not going to speak its name!”  In the absence of any specific mandate from the Scriptures, perhaps the best course might be: “Go to the place where Jesus sends you,” or “Go to the place where Jesus wants you to go.”

One technique which has proved effective with many demons, causing them real terror and concern, is to threaten to send them Tartarus.  This is mentioned in the Greek New Testament in 2 Peter 2:4:  “For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell {consigning to Tartarus} and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment . . .”

Many times the demon will be so frightened by the prospect of being carted off to Tartarus that he will cease resisting and give in.  Sending one or two demons Tartarus bound seems to have a salutary effect on those remaining and they will usually prove more cooperative.  Perhaps this is the place mentioned in Job 30:3-8.

I have seen hundreds of demons leave quietly without much more than coughing or sighing.  Others produced manifestations of cursing, blaspheming, violent retchings, vomiting, moans, groans, shrieks, screams, growls, roars, convulsions, choking, yawns, belches.  Some chatter hysterically, while others refuse to speak at all.  A relatively quiet deliverance is just as valid as those which erupt into a spectacular display of demonic energy and power.  It is merely an attempt to hold the captive fast in the bondage of evil.

Do not seek specific manifestations.  Take authority over the spirits by name and in the name of Jesus, command them to manifest themselves. Demand this repeatedly until they obey.  Keep in mind that many are very stubborn and cunning and none want to leave the person in whom he resides.  Evil spirits always prefer to remain hidden and resist exposure.

Their orders are to hold the person captive at all costs.  This they do with fierce determination and resistance.  They face demotion if they lose and are forced to leave the tormented person.  The Scriptures say they have to walk in dry places, finding no rest (Matthew 12:43; Luke 11:24).

No doubt Satan attempts to answer their pleas for help, but he is effectively blocked by the intervention of God who sends multitudes of covering angels to protect the workers.  One night a demon complained that God had sent 46,000 angels to protect us while we prayed for many demonized persons.  He admitted that Satanic reinforcements could not get through the angelic blockade.

One night we dealt with a man who had to be held flat on the floor.  As I attacked the demon, I noticed a strange change in the man’s eyes.  Instead of one or two highlights in them, four and sometimes five bright flecks of light reflected from each eye.  Yet there was only one source of artificial light overhead which might cause reflection.

Puzzled, I prayed, asking the Father for the meaning.  Quickly the Lord replied, “My  son, you prayed for angelic protection for you and the workers – what you see is a reflection of the angels I have sent.”

Some weeks later I saw such lights in the eyes of another individual with whom we prayed.  But as I leaned closer I noted a difference.  Each light seem composed of tiny pin pricks of light, slowly rotating and looking like miniature wheels!  Immediately there flashed into memory Ezekiel’s wheels (Ezekiel 1:15-18).

Angelic creatures circling overhead, giving love, care and protection to the people of God!  How my heart sings when I remember the goodness and provision of the Lord.  Legions of angels provide wonderful protection and assurance for those who march into battle for God.

We prayed for the protection of God’s angels long before any confirmation of their presence was noted.  Even as Elisha’s servant was under the protection of God’s angels before he saw them (2 Kings 6:15-17), so are we in our battle with evil spirits.  “They who are with us are more than they who are with them,” the prophet Elijah told the younger man.

A high-ranking spirit of Mind Control complained bitterly and in great frustration, “God had always given us a raw deal.  First He threw us out of heaven and onto this mudball.  Then instead of giving us opponents worthy  of challenge, we have to work against these clods of dirt!  It is disgusting.”  It seems that in the wisdom and irony of God He has elected to humiliate the angelic rebels by defeating them with men; inferior human creatures armed with superior spiritual weapons – the name and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have heard demons sob, shriek, howl, groan and cry hysterically to be left alone.  As one observer said, “Their end is already set, so they have nothing to gain but a vicarious expression of their own nature through a living person.  They definitely have a hierarchy among themselves and constantly battle for position.  They can argue and philosophize and carry on empty conversations until their backs are against the wall and then they show pure anger and fear.”  Sometimes they will try to strike a bargain and promise not to cause any more trouble if they can only remain in the person.  They typically begin belligerent and cocky, later growing uneasy and angry.  In the end, they bargain and beg with frantic desperation.

I remember one spirit who cried piteously, “I am only a very small demon.  I will not cause any more trouble.  Please don’t send me out.  I promise I will cause no more trouble.”  Do not ever be touched by any of their attempts to play on your sympathy, pleading for mercy.  They are masterful liars.  They never have mercy on one of their victims.  Do not forget this!

We heard one demon sob bitterly and convincingly that he wanted to repent and be saved, working on the sympathy of the believers present.  When I called him a liar and branded him as one with a reprobate mind, he immediately dropped the guise of meekness and weeping and cackled with wicked laughter, mocking those who had thought he was sincere.

Never believe a demon in such matters.  They are seared, vile and treacherous beyond our power to comprehend.  You need never plead with them.  Take authority over them in the name of Jesus Christ and because of His shed blood and resurrection.  Order them to come out and continue to repeat the command until they obey.  They understand God’s order of authority better than human beings, although they will resist it furiously.

There is neither grace nor mercy provided for failure in the satanic ranks, whether they be high or low.  A demon of lower rank cornered during the course of a battle, was so frightened and defeated that at last all he wanted was to get out of that body house.  He declared that he could stand no more.  He begged to leave but I forbade him, demanding the name of others first.

He quailed in terror and said no, he could never do that; he would be terribly punished.  We increased the pressure on him, forbidding the others to interfere.  I ordered the other spirits back, forbidding them to communicate with him.  I then set to work on him.  Though he pleaded that he had orders to remain silent, he finally revealed twenty names, the begged to be released before “the big ones” got him and punished him for his betrayal.

I gave him permission to go and he fled with a shriek.  Then a furious ruler suddenly manifested, raging about the lesser demon’s treachery.  “He’ll pay for that,” he promised, boiling with hatred.  “He will be most thoroughly punished,” filling the air with obscenities as he concluded.  It seems that periodically demons of all ranks must report to Satan for personal evaluation and are punished quite harshly for any blunder in word or deed.

The enemy heads a kingdom that is full of hatred and terror.  There is a continual striving for position and power and the competition is fierce.   Demons differ many ways, but they have one thing in common:  they are reprobate, wicked and without conscience.  There is nothing to which they will not stoop.  As far as possible, demons seek to express evil desires and achieve their satisfactions through the minds and bodies of unwitting hosts.

Lying is one of their outstanding characteristics.  Only when it suits their purposes – in defense of their enormous egos, or when they are fearful or angry, or when they are under great stress and strain from the Holy Spirit and their thinking is confused – will they tell the truth.

To say they never tell the truth is just not so.  Demons cried out their terrorized acknowledgement of the deity of Jesus Christ – “they cried out, saying, `What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God?  Art thou come hither to torment us before the time?’”  Certainly the demonized girl who followed Paul told the truth about the “servants of the most high God who show us the way of salvation” (Matthew 8:29 and  Acts 16:17).

I was talking with a ruler demon once when violent coughing erupted.  After waiting for it to subside, I asked who had left.  The ruler spirit replied, “I did.” Somewhat surprised, I remarked skeptically, “But you are still here.”  “Well, stupid, I went out and came back,”  he said scornfully.  When asked what purpose such a maneuver served, he replied that he had gone to check on the man’s wife in a nearby town.

There is no such thing as reasoning with a demon.  They are totally unreasonable and are task masters at deceit, far sharper in a game of wits than human beings unaided by the Holy Spirit.  As one told me with a sneer of disdain, “Why Preacher, I’ve been dealing with human beings for nearly 6,000 years.”  It takes supernaturally given discernment to deal successfully with these spirit beings.

A favorite tactic of the spirits is to cause the workers to forget or overlook names given orally in response to spiritual pressure.  It is important to keep alert to this.  Often the smaller demon under direct attack will be relieved by a more powerful spirit.  You must then insist that the smaller foe return to battle, thus denying him rest, meanwhile ordering the stronger spirit bound (Matthew 18:18).

The Psalms, a handbook on the warfare of the righteous against demon forces, is full of imprecations and dreadful pronouncements against the enemies of God.  Many liberal theologians have imagined that there is a conflict between these terrible calls for vengeance on enemies and the command of Jesus to love your enemies.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Understand that the psalmist is calling down the wrath of God upon spiritual rather than human foes (who are mere instruments).  Then you can see why there is the unrelenting call for their destruction and utter desolation.  Yet this same David, confronted with the opportunity to destroy his human enemy Saul, would not lift his hand to smite him.  Note the enemy persecutes David’s soul, and how the Angel of the Lord is asked to chase them (Psalm 35:4-6).

In dealing with demons, there is no particular need to raise your voice.  Power comes from the name of Jesus, not from volume.  Demons are not deaf; they hear quite well.  They even understand a whisper in faith.  The noise, when it occurs at the deliverance session of ours, comes from the exposed and cornered demons, not from the believers.

You must have no mercy on these evil creatures, but if you yell excitedly at them, it is conceivable that you may even cause them to feel that you are unsure of your ground, and thereby encourage them to fight harder to stay in the person.  Keep calm.  “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength” (Isaiah 30:15).

Our attitude toward these evil beings must never be one of lightness, for the Scriptures tell us that not even the angels deal with them that way.  Consider this passage, which contrasts the way false teachers handle the weightiest spiritual matters, with the attitude of God’s holy angels:

God is “especially hard on those who . . . are proud and willful, daring even to scoff at the Glorious Ones without so much as trembling, although the angels in heaven who stand in the very presence of the Lord, and are far greater in power and strength than these false teachers, never speak out disrespectfully against these evil Mighty Ones.  But false teachers are fools, no better than animals . . . they laugh at the terrifying powers of the underworld which they know so little about; and they will be destroyed along with the demons and powers of hell” (2 Peter 2:10-12, Living Bible).

Consider A. J. McMillan’s wise observation that, among earnest servants of God, there never comes “an attitude of self-confidence in dealing with the invisible spirits of darkness, even though the consciousness of the authority of the Lord increases as they realize that the `spirits are subject’ unto them (Luke 10:20).  On the contrary, their apprehension of the stubborn subtlety of these evil beings intensifies, and they appreciate the fact that only on the ground of the blood of the Lamb is there any power to deal with them.”2

In their ardent desire to hold the ground they have gained within human beings, demons employ a number of strategies, at least one of which occurs considerably in advance of any direct confrontation with them.  They work to turn their victims away from a real source of help.  Demonized persons often mirror the feelings of the spirits within them in their reactions to people and places.

For example, when they come into contact with individuals or churches engaged in the deliverance ministry, they may “feel” the suspicion, repugnance and fears of the demons for such happenings and individuals.  Not knowing of his “visitors” and their dominance over him, a victim is forced to rationalize and explain his feelings entirely in terms of the demonic lies being fed into his brain.

Spirits often produce perfectly timed pains and illnesses to keep their hosts away from deliverance services.  These tactics of the enemy explain the unbelief, the unreasoning fears, and the fierce hatred and determination with which the deliverance ministry is at times attacked.  It is not just theological differences, but Satan’s violent reaction to the unmasking and defeating of his kingdom and methods of operation.  People being used to attack God’s program almost always think themselves to be doing a service for God.

We have observed that the demons are very sensitive in the area of ego.  Many times, when we have had them under pressure, we have witnessed an explosion of rage and retaliation to prove that the “mortal clods” are wrong.  This is a very exhausting experience for them.  By provoking them to anger, the Holy Spirit clouds the demon’s thinking faculties and causes them to make great blunders, giving the workers an advantage.  Beware, and proceed with caution; a wounded tiger may be more dangerous than a whole one.

When demons begin to threaten and become increasingly angry or agitated, boisterously demonstrating their considerable power and strength, you can know that they are frightened, enraged, or probably both.  Force them in Jesus’ name to keep manifesting themselves and demand their names.  They will attempt to “sink out of sight” to rest from the wear and tear of spiritual warfare.

You might well ask how a spiritual being could tire.  I do not pretend to know the answer, but I do know that they become fatigued, worn and frazzled and even hysterical when pressed.  Do not let them rest, but maintain spiritual pressure upon them at all times.  Force them to look into the eyes of the worker who is leading the attack.  They hate this, and must be continually prodded to do so.  It has a weakening effect on them.

I have heard several beg pitifully for a chance to rest.  A climate of spiritual power, reinforced by compassionate love for the person involved, must be kept constantly on the demonic spirit within.  This will allow them no time to recoup their powers.  Love is critical here, the kind of deep love which overflows into compassion for the victim of the spirits.  Do not allow the spirits to escape the battering ram of believing prayer.

Prayers, both in English and in a heavenly language, are valuable here as are the reading of the Scriptures and songs of praise for Jesus and His shed Blood (”Nothing But the Blood,” “Power in the Blood,” “There is a Fountain Filled with Blood,” “Victory in Jesus,” “Something About that Name,” “Jesus, Oh How Sweet the Name,” and “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power” are all especially good).

The demons know and understand all of the prayer tongues, and resent them bitterly.  Often the tongues will stir them up and cause them to manifest themselves.  Praying in tongues also rests the workers, physically and mentally.  “He who speaks in an unknown tongue edifies himself” (I Corinthians 14:4).

When we first began our ministry of deliverance, we were suddenly and without warning plunged headlong into a clash with the powers of darkness.  At the time, neither I nor my workers had the charismatic gifts or had spoken in tongues.  A believer can do the work of deliverance without the tongues and gifts, but it is much easier with them.  The gifts came to us about four months after we began casting out demons.

As I related earlier, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to use tongues first with a demonized girl.  Although puzzled and somewhat hesitant, I did obey the Lord and got an instant and violent reaction from the demon.  He obviously under-stood every word and did not like it at all.  Many times, in addition to helping the weary workers (I Corinthians 14:4), the tongues are used to name the demons and further harass them.  The use of tongues will cause the demon to become rattled and he will manifest himself more openly and often give away vital information to the workers, essential to forcing his expulsion.

This incident with a fierce demon may help to illustrate something about tongues:  “Satan help me, please help me,” the demon shrieked, writhing in anguish under the determined advance of the believers.   His supernatural strength was just barely being contained by the eight men who held the subject fast on the floor.  “No, no, no, don’t speak to me of that name!” the demon snarled as I quoted:  “Wherefore God has given Him a name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow and every tongue confess – what must every tongue confess, demon?”

“No, no, no, I won’t say it.  You can’t make me say it.  He isn’t my Lord!  I won’t say it. I won’t say it!”  was his furious rejoinder.  I kept repeating the verse and insisting that he finish it.  Finally he spat in a raging whisper:  “Jeeeeeee-susssssss is Lord . . . No, no, no!  Satan is Lord!  Forgive me, Satan.”  I forced him again to complete the verse and then leaned close to the head of the young man and began praying in tongues.

The demon reacted immediately, jerking the victim’s head away and exploding, “No, I don’t want to hear it.  Don’t chatter at me in that awful language.  Stop it, stop it, I can’t stand any more.”   Another demon once stormed, “Shut up – you sound like those damned angels!”  Does this not make sense in the light of I Corinthians 13:1 speaking in “tongues of men and angels?”

Do not be paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes.  Who doesn’t?  Only those who simply do nothing at all.  Learn from the mistakes you make and they will become profitable to you.  We have made dozens of mistakes we know about, and probably many of which we are unaware.  At least we are doing what we can with what we have and what we understand.  It is hard on your pride to goof up, but no irreparable damage is done if you repent and learn from your mistakes.

When the demons begin to wail, shriek, cackle like maniacs, curse, gag, growl, retch, cough, belch, convulse, threaten, bluster, brag, beg, plead and so forth, rejoice!  They have been forced out of hiding when they manifest themselves openly.  If you will hold firmly to the authority that is in the name of Jesus, they must yield.  Child of God, you have the upper hand!  On the plains of hesitation, bleach the bones of millions, who at the dawn of victory sat down to rest, and while resting . . . died!  Do not retreat; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength (Isaiah 30:15).

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