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Children and Deliverance


Some people say that children do not need deliverance.  I could not disagree more.  Parents have a solemn responsibility to provide protection for their offspring concerning spiritual warfare.  So many curses, legal holds, and other legal grounds can be inherited through the ignorance, curiosity, and/or willful disobedience of the parent.  In addition, our society provides a climate for demon infestation.

Once one is alerted to the dangers of passing on weaknesses, infirmities and other unpleasant things to siblings, he should begin breaking curses, destroying legal holds and grounds and binding any inherited spirits.  This is in preparation for casting them out.  The occult demons are tremendously powerful and tenacious, often staying in families for centuries.  People afflicted with them are highly susceptible to psychic phenomena and influence.

We have seen children (from babies to teens) receive significant deliverance in the church and at home.  Parents can minister some of this to younger ones while the child is sleeping.  There need be no fear created in the child about deliverance.  They will usually be able to handle the idea of casting out evil spirits easier than many adults.

When a child is brought to us for prayer, we ask that one or both parents accompany them, preferably the father, since he has the most spiritual authority.  Often I will talk briefly with the child, allaying any fears, with love for him.

Usually I ask if he sometimes does or says things he does not really want to do, things that get him into trouble.  After an affirmative answer, I will mention that often ugly things called spirits get into a boy or girl and cause this sort of thing.  I talk with the child about asking the Lord Jesus to come into his heart (Revelation 3:20) if he has not already done so.

Next I ask if he would like for those things to come out of him if they are there.  Children seldom want problem-causing things and usually readily consent to prayer.  I pray for him, quietly taking authority over the spirits and commanding them to manifest and leave.  If they are stubborn and the father is present, I will have him take authority and guide him in what to pray.  In practically every case this combined assault will rout the demons.

If parents wait until the child is grown up before attempting deliverance, they will discover the enemy has wasted no time and has burrowed in deeply, often scarring body and mind.  They will work tirelessly to put a child in bondage, drag him out into the world and enslave him with many sinful habits.  An ounce of prevention here is certainly worth the proverbial pound of cure.

In our church, children, even very young ones, take deliverance in stride and are not disturbed by even the most violent manifestations.  They are calm and often pitch in and help, not upset by anything the demons say or do.  If a child is visiting our services and is unfamiliar with deliverance, he may become upset, especially when it sounds as if someone is screaming in pain.  The remedy is quite simple.  We find a child his age from the church and have them come over and explain what is happening.

They will tell the visitor that it is the name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus and the Word of God used by the workers that is causing the outcries.  The person is not in pain, but rather the evil spirits inside  who have caused much trouble and resist being thrown out.  Children have a strong sense of right and wrong and when they know that the “bad guys” are really being whipped and their victim will be better afterward, they lose their fear.  Often the youngster from the church will lead the visitor up close so he can hear and see what is taking place.

The children in our services are walking proof that even deliverance with all sorts of outlandish manifestations will not damage young ones.  They have an experiential understanding and appreciation for the protection of the name and blood of Jesus Christ often lacking in older folk.

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