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Battling Witchcraft


Demonic influence via the occult can enter our lives by three different avenues. First, inherited factors in our parents or grandparents or someone in close, direct blood relationship with us involving any occult activity i.e., astrology, divination, sorcery or witchcraft. The Bible states that the sins of the parents are visited on the children even to the third and fourth generation.

This means that when a demonic influence enters a family lineage it passes from generation to generation. For example, many people in America today are descended from French settlers in Louisiana. In southern Louisiana today great numbers of people are under heavy demonic oppression resulting from occult involvements of ancestors 30, 50, 80 or more years ago. Their descendants are tormented by evil spirits because of the sins of the fathers.

Voodoo is still very strong in Louisiana and other southern states. Many there have ancestors brought in as slaves from Africa where demon worship was routinely practiced. All this was imported into this country and now, years later, many are afflicted. Because of inherited problems, everyone needs some deliverance.

There may well be things hanging on which may have entered at the time of conception or birth. Demons often state, “I entered the night that he was conceived. I had a right to enter because of the iniquity of parent” (or grandparents of other direct ancestors). In this way the occult can fasten to a family for three, four or more generations and we must be aware of this possibility. Because of this it would be wise to check your own roots and family tree. This could alert you if someone back a few generations was directly involved in any kind of occult activity. In such a case this would have a direct bearing on you and could seriously affect your happiness and prosperity in this life, and that of your children.

A second source of occult problems arise from your own personal involvement in what God calls spiritual adultery or whoredom. By dabbling in any way, even in such games as the planchet, Ouija board, and Dungeons and Dragons you opened an avenue for Satan to use for invasion of your life. If you have been a firm believer in horoscopes or studied occult literature; if you have worn amulets or charms; if you visited a fortune teller; if you sought advice or help from a spiritualist in any form or guise; you need deliverance.

Many Christians may go for five, ten or fifteen years without being forced to seek deliverance. The enemy has cleverly hidden his trail. When these spirits enter at an early age they become so identified with the person that he believes they are just quirks in his personality. It is surprising to learn how many of these things gained entrance through seemingly innocent or even childish contacts, almost like a game or a plaything. The enemy does not put warning labels on his traps.

The third source of occult bondage or oppression springs from curses, spells, hexes, etc. This is not because of inheritance or involvement, but rather an invasion sent upon us by envious enemies who seek to harm us or kill us. These are the three main avenues by which the occult can wreak havoc physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. In deliverance we must always investigate thee three sources.

These openings are like three different levels. The top one many times has to do with that in which we personally dabbled. There are still other levels where curses and inherited factors enter in. Each must be dealt with in order to achieve real liberty in the Lord Jesus Christ. Every legal right or ground which Satan has acquired over you or your family because of occult involvement must be canceled out. These can be annulled only by the authority of Jesus Christ operating through a believer who is knowledgeable in the deliverance ministry. If you are seeking deliverance or are engaged in a deliverance ministry remember these things. You will be amazed to discover how much influence the occult, witchcraft, magic and sorcery, etc., exercise upon lives.

Norman Parish is a veteran missionary in Guatemala. He tells of praying for a Mennonite missionary in Honduras several years ago. He had come from Pennsylvania and was having all kinds of problems concerning his health and family. The Lord revealed that the source of trouble was water witching or divining. He said he had never practiced it but that his father was an expert water watcher. People in the community would call upon him to utilize this ability to discover underground springs and where to sink a well.

While some think of this as just an innocent ability or “gift,” it is actually an expression of occult power. Even though he had not “witched” for water, he and his family suffered because of the sin of the father. With the widespread scattering of various occult practices it is unlikely that anyone has missed some evil inheritance. We have talked with water witching spirits several times.

Never be as foolish as was a highly demonized lady. She visited a service where demons erupted two or three times and people began to shake, scream, writhe and thresh about. Halfway through the deliverance session she became frightened, stomped out of the door, and said, “I prefer my demons.” She never returned for help, choosing to live with evil spirits rather than submit to deliverance. Soon after this incident she became deathly ill and the demons killed her with a very painful death. She knew that she needed deliverance, but rejected the truth, not willing to be obedient.

Sadly enough, the thing really keeping most people from deliverance in public is pride. One of the advantages of public or mass deliverance is that it crushes pride. Many come requesting deliverance, but want a private session. Because of pride they will receive little help unless it is public. Pride must be brought down and dethroned in order for us to become the kind of Christians we should be.

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