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Attack! Attack! Attack!


The need for a dedicated and fearless army of deliverers grows more apparent as we move further into all-out warfare with the demonic legions of Satan.  We have a “power of attorney.”  We are authorized to use the name of Jesus Christ and the position His shed blood and resurrection victory have won for us.

Away with laziness, ignorance, and superficial remedies which fail to correct the critical situation.  We must gird ourselves for battle and come to grips with the unbelievably strong inroads evil spirits have made.

Their sneering, proud boasts must be stopped by real and smashing victories won by triumphant Christians armed with the truth.  We must have as much determination and persistence as the enemies have shown in their campaign to overturn and establish their claims to the “land.”  God has always planned for His people to win.  Theirs is to be an active, not a passive role in the battle. Defensive tactics will never win.  We must pray that God will raise up fearless leaders, men and women, and young people who will encourage and lead a wholesale onslaught on the satanic hosts.  The prison walls must be breached.  Fling the doors open wide and proclaim the glad news that there is a way of freedom and victory for the prisoners of demonic bondage.

Believers armed with knowledge and authority must no longer crouch in the trenches and pillboxes but must abandon their defensive position, fix bayonets and charge the enemy!  We must hit him hard, pulling down strongholds in body, mind and soul and throw the armies of the evil one back in utter confusion and defeat before the Name of Jesus Christ.

This fight is not for the fainthearted but for those who are committed to follow the Lord Jesus, even unto death if need be (Revelation 12:11).  The call to all-out sacrifice for the sake of God’s will and purpose is all but lost in our careless world.  Much which is spoken and written today indicates that God is some sort of supermarket; that the Holy Spirit is a glorified errand boy.  His main job is to gratify our every whim and flood us with material blessings.  Many folk pray often and loudly cry to be filled with the power of God.  In mercy God does not grant this.  We pray “Fill me, fill me, Oh please fill me Lord.”  God answers, “Cut your ground wires and I will.”  We are grounded to the things of the world.  We are captivated by our houses, automobiles and other material possessions; our families; ambitions; etc.

A sideshow performer may pass thousands of volts of electricity through his body.  He is able to perform many astounding feats without harming himself because his platform is completely insulated.  A single ground wire touching the earth would cause him to be burned to a crisp.

In the same way much that God wishes to do in and through us is hindered or stopped by the presence of ground wires.  We are bound to the world in many ways.  We have forgotten or ignored the Biblical admonition to “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.” (I John 2:15)

To enable them to carry great charges of electrical power, high tension lines are insulated from all other wires as well as the poles.  In like manner, isolation is a form of insulation God uses in our lives in order to prepare us to carry great spiritual power.  Those who purpose to be greatly used of God must brace themselves for separation and isolation.  Nothing can make you feel more alone than to have those closest to you misunderstand what you are seeking to do.

Our pattern, the Lord Jesus, was the most misunderstood person who ever walked on the earth.  He repeatedly explained to them what He was doing and why.  In spite of this his closest associates continually misunderstood and misinterpreted practically everything.  Because He paid such a tremendous price, you and I will never be as lonely as He was.  Our Lord is a God of war and has made provision for all of us to become warriors.  Unfortunately, we live in a day where the slogan of most churches is, “For we wrestle NOT”  Period! God seeks those who will finish the verse; those unafraid to wrestle with principalities, powers, thrones, dominions, world rulers, kings and princes, and defeat them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 6:12).

Our armor is designed to stand up under the most savage attacks of the enemy.  Our battle weapons are infinitely superior to those of the foe.  We must have basic and advanced training to learn how to defeat the enemy in the fierce war raging in the heavenlies.  Take heart beleaguered saint for we are certainly not alone.

Multiplied millions of God’s warrior angels are already engaging the enemy on earth and in the heavenlies.  Massive reserves are awaiting the call into the battle in the name of Jesus (Matthew 18:18; Hebrews 1:7,14).  God also still has His own 7,000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal, although we may not know where they are (I Kings 19:18).

Satan and his forces are neither invincible nor unbeatable.  We must become careful students of God’s Word and learn what the Spirit is saying to the Body of Christ.  This is the end-time windup of the battle, on the earth and in the heavenlies.  It is a vicious war with quarter neither given nor asked.  The stakes are tremendous for the souls and the lives of millions will be determined by the outcome of this fiercely raging conflict.

Deliverance will assume an increasingly critical importance in the days ahead.  God has moved to cleanse and purge the Church from Satan’s deadly fifth column within them.  This will enable them to function at full capacity in witnessing, holy living, warfare, and the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Stubbornness is equated with iniquity, idolatry and rebellion with witchcraft in I Samuel 15:23.  These two serious sins are largely responsible for the massive refusal of Christian leaders across the land to accept and become involved in the deliverance ministry.  Often they refuse to investigate the Scriptures.  Stubbornly (if perhaps unknowingly) they refuse to concede that they or their group may have overlooked a vital truth in the Word of God.

Rebellion is often the reaction when people press for an explanation of the manifestations and changed lives as a result of casting out of evil spirits.  Slashing attacks against deliverance workers and the entire ministry result as embarrassed leaders attempt to cover their own fears and confusion about the matter.

After all, if Christians are really not immune to demonic attack and infestation, then the leaders themselves might need to submit to deliverance also!  Suppose followers begin to wonder if some of the peculiarities and problems in the leadership could be more than just manifestations of the flesh.  This would destroy an entire section of religious pride and haughtiness which heretofore escaped detection!  How many wars are fought to defend pride in a life.

The word used for rebellion is sometimes defined as “the gateway to the temple.”  This is indeed an interesting concept, for we are plainly told that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit on the earth (I Corinthians 6:19).  Is it possible that a spirit of rebellion is indeed “the gate of the temple,” here to open the way for legal grounds and holds for him and other demons can enter and operate?

What a frightening prospect, when you consider that all sin is rooted in pride and rebellion.  Even Lucifer, the super angel, was lifted up by pride and rebellion in his heart which led to his sin and fall (Isaiah 14).

Rebellion comes when we become convinced that our human rationalization justifies disregarding what God has plainly commanded or forbidden.  This may be one of the most dangerous openings for evil spirits to infiltrate.  Usually those caught up in pride leading to rebellion are almost totally unaware it until the enemy has established beachhead.  1

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