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How Do I Cast out Demons?


How do I Cast out Demons?

As with every prayer at Hegewisch Baptist Church, these are sample prayers. Please adapt them to your specific situation.

Beginning Deliverance…
Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name, we ask that You send Warrior Angels to do battle with us. Thank You for Jesus’ precious Blood, His resurrection, and our authority in His Name. We pray that Your Holy Spirit give us discernment and gifts to set ________ free. In Jesus’ Name we block any and all transference of evil spirits assigned to hinder or interfere with this deliverance session. In Jesus’ Name we cut off all evil power directed toward us from witches or other such persons, and bind each Strongman present, all demonic doorkeepers, gatekeepers and demonic reinforcements. May all communication between satanic & demonic forces be disrupted and confusion be loosed upon them (Psalm 118:6-7; Psalm 35:4)

As the Holy Spirit Leads…
In Jesus’ Name, we bind all demonic kingdoms of Passivity, Leviathan/Pride, Doubt, Unbelief, Confusion, Deception, Lying, Mind Control, Occult Mind Control (add any others as the Holy Spirit leads) according to Matthew 12:29.

In Jesus’ Name, we bind all demons hurting, tormenting and harassing ________. We ask You, Heavenly Father, to send angels to uncoil, untangle, dig out, break, cut, sever off and remove all demons and demonic roots, fetters, bands, ties, bonds, coils, tangles, serpents, cords, metals, wires, hairs and webs (Heb 1:14).

We bind every demon, from the Strongman on down to the lowest demon in rank, power & form within ________ to our authority in the third Heaven (Eph. 2:6). We are in Christ, Christ is seated at the right hand of God the Father which places us far above all principalities and powers, including you, demons. When you are called by name or by function, you are to manifest and leave _________. If you do not, we will loose more angels on to you, and use our authority in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and every means at our disposal in His authority to forcibly remove you.

We ask You, Jesus, to send every demon cast out to where ever You want them to go and that You would strengthen the will of _________ so that they can never return. Holy Spirit, please fill any and all vacancies left by the ejected demons with the Spirits of God as found in Isaiah 11:2. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Begin casting out each evil spirit by calling it by its demonic name or function. (Command demons to manifest and leave in Jesus’ name.) Contrary to popular belief, demons do not have hearing impairments. The power that dislodges demons is only found in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ (Mark 16:17), not in the volume of our voices.

Ending Deliverance…
We take authority over every remaining demon from the Strongman on down to the lowest ranking demon, power & form and bind you all in Jesus’ Name. By binding, we mean that you are not to torment, hurt of harass ________. We loose sufficient numbers of Warrior Angels to put each of you in boxes, cages or caves 500,000 times too small and seal each box, cage, or cave with the Blood of our King, the Lord Jesus Christ (Joshua 10:17).

Angels, gag each remaining demon so that no communication can go on between them or any others. Angels, in Jesus’ Name, we assign you to read Scriptures to these demons on the Blood of Jesus, the Cross, their torment in the Lake of Fire to come, and any other passages that they hate to hear (Psalm 59:10; Heb 1:14). We pray, Lord Jesus, that your glorious light shine through each box, cage, or cave so the demons will have no rest. It is written, “There shall be no rest for the wicked!”

We loose ministering angels of Life, Health, Healing and Restoration into areas of ________’s body or soul where the ejected demons have done damage. We cover each of our families, properties & possessions with the Blood of Jesus Christ, and loose Warrior and Ministering Angels to protect us from any and all satanic & demonic backlash. In Jesus’ Precious and Almighty name we pray. Amen.

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