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Binding and Loosing Spirits


Demons can be imparted by the laying on of hands, therefore be careful who prays for you.  While we are not to live in fear or apprehension, caution would lead us to pray to cover our body, mind and spirit with the blood of Jesus Christ for continuous protection.

We are in an all-out war with many pitfalls and hurtful attacks.  The scripture admonishes us to walk soberly and vigilantly because our savage adversary, Satan, is always ready to attack the careless.  To become presumptuous and underestimate the power and cunning of the enemy can be fatal.

In these dark days of the unleashed supernatural powers of the forces of darkness, none but supernaturally empowered believers will be able to stand.  Rigid, legalistic dogmas, quoting proof texts or loud emotional outbursts of attack or praise will be equally ineffective to stop the fury of the end-time darkness.

Only believers, armed with the Word and practice in using supernatural power in their everyday lives will be able to cope with the tides of wickedness sweeping the world.  That we have superior weaponry, equipment and power is beyond question.  Unfortunately, most believers are woefully ignorant and living far, far beneath their birthright.

As we crash headlong into the beginnings of the terrible darkness of the end-times, religious cliches and formulas will be splintered beyond repair.  In any confrontation with the raw supernatural power of the Evil One, only power from the third heaven will avail.  Easy believeism must be replaced by virile, living faith (James 2:18).  In days ahead the ability to lay hold on the power of the God may easily determine the difference between life and death.

Those unaware of or denying the power of the demonic realm shall be helpless in the face of the coming all-out assault from the spirit world. Truly how slow of heart we are to believe all that the prophets have spoken!

It is vital for us to learn to exercise authority to bind evil spirits, and also to loose the spirits of God (Matthew 18:18, I John 4:4, Hebrews 1:7, 14).

It is not complicated.  A simple prayer will do:  “I take authority over the spirits of {name them} in {name of person}, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and command them to be bound.  By binding I mean you are not to manifest in any way until you come out in deliverance.”

To loose spirits (angels) of God:  “Father, I ask You in the name of Jesus Christ to send spirits of {name the ones desired} to hinder and stop the work of the enemy in {name of person}.

Our heritage as born again Christians is to tread on serpents and scorpions (Luke 10:19).  We are to exercise the authority of our Lord when He said that all power was given Him in heaven and earth. 7

Another interesting variation of binding and loosing which has proved effective is to bind evil and negative thoughts in yourself and other people.  Specific edifying and positive spirits can be released at the same time (Matthew 18:18).  One young man employing this method reported that his attitude toward parents, school and work had undergone a radical change for the better after employing these techniques.

When you attempt to bind and box demons in order to stop deliverance proceedings they will, resist.  However, determined commands to “be bound in Jesus’ Name” will eventually prevail.  Ask the Father to send angels with boxes (Joshua 10:17-26; Job 14:17) to put them in.  Order them to be chained and gagged and ask that an angel be stationed inside the box to read Scriptures to the spirit night and day in order that he have no rest.  We call this process “marinating” and after a few days or weeks of this confinement, many stubborn demons will agree to leave.

In battling evil spirits, keep up a barrage so they can get no rest.  You can loose angels to spin their minds round and round so the spirits cannot think and become confused.  Another way to discomfit the enemy is to ask the angel of the Lord to chase and harass them.  I often ask that the angels bruise, crush and flatten the heads of the serpentine spirits and snip off the tails (stings) of the scorpion spirits.

Another useful tactic after demons manifest is to order the princes and rulers to be bound with chains and thrown down before the other spirits (Psalm 149).  Ask that on their foreheads be written in red letters “Jesus Christ is my Lord”.  Next, tell all the little spirits inside (who are already programmed to destroy) that there are traitors in the camp and they must attack them and throw them out.  They are, of course, chained and have the signs on their heads.  Sometimes it takes a lot of prodding, but often the bigger demons are savagely attacked and thrown out while they are bound and helpless.  This is because the believer takes authority.

At times it is useful to release on the foe the spirit which came on the Midianites in Gideon’s day.  It causes them to attack and dispatch each other.  This in effect causes civil war inside.

Psychological warfare is in order.  Spirits are not equally susceptible, so the approach must be suited to whatever will cause the demon to slip and be defeated.  With many, an appeal to their enormous vanity is effective:  “My, you must be very strong/wise/powerful.  I guess you are very intelligent.  Have you done your job well?  Let’s have a friendly little chat.”

Some are too wise to fall into the flattery net, therefore shift to irritation and aggravation.  Find a weak spot to provoke and harass him to anger.  Angry and wrathful spirits lose control and often blurt out helpful clues to dislodge them.  Workers must be relaxed and alert for the Holy Spirit’s leadership as to what to do and confirmation of bits of information extracted from the demons.

Frequently cross-check a spirit’s remarks by asking, “Will that answer (statement) stand in the judgement?”  Sometimes the demon will query, “What judgement are you talking about?”  Tell him you mean the fiery one he faces.  Force him to answer questions yes or no.  If he hedges and says he does not know or maybe so, you know he is lying.  This will really annoy the spirits.

Skillful, harassing interrogation of “prisoners of war” has yielded a great deal of useful information for use in destroying the works of the devil.  The higher the rank, the more he knows of enemy plans and warfare.  Do not make the mistake of being drawn into a “fortune telling” session; stick to warfare.

It is effective to remain relaxed and nonchalant when parrying with the enemy.  Maintain an air of bored detachment and skepticism, even when the spirits give you startling information.  Express doubt and unbelief, even when you are sure they are telling the truth.  If you react strongly to a bit of information they may realize the mistake and clam up.

Often the demon will become incensed that you do not accept his true statements and angrily will blurt out other useful information to convince skeptical humans.  Demons are very proud of their cunning, intelligence and superiority over human beings, who they regard with extreme disdain.  Take advantage of this and play dumb in order to lure them to betray more insights which can be used against the spirits.

There is an occupational hazard of which deliverance workers ought to be aware.  For two or three years after actively becoming involved in the deliverance ministry, there will be mental attacks about every three or four months.  Without warning, the worker will suddenly find his mind spinning, full of doubts and unbelief about the entire matter of casting out evil spirits.

In spite of recurring deliverance for himself and successfully ministering to others, the worker will be shaken and wonder if the whole concept is just a gigantic hoax.  Repeatedly the idea will be driven home that the worker is deceived and should abandon this unpopular course without delay.  After all, none of the “great” ministries, large denominations or nationally known leaders approve, endorse or practice deliverance.

Almost 100% oppose and attack it.  How could so many spiritual leaders be wrong?  These questions pepper the beleaguered believer in an all-out attempt to turn him away from the ministry.  Hang on, for in a matter of hours or days the air will clear and you will wonder how you were ever able to doubt the validity of this most scriptural of ministries.

Workers need to become skillful in the harassment of demons who stubbornly refuse to leave people when challenged.  Many times when they resist giving their names, I bait them by saying that perhaps they are ashamed of it or are so small they only have a number instead of a name.  Spirits fiercely resent this belittling and needling.  They often strike back by dropping valid pieces of information in an attempt to impress the worker.  By nagging the demon about what he does to the person, clues are often given to his name.

To punish reluctant demons I ask the Father, in Jesus’ name, to send warrior angels with swords to chain the rulers and throw the fire of God on them.  Sometimes I threaten a struggling demon by telling him I will have him carved up in pieces or chopped into confetti and scattered over the dry places where it will take a hundred years to put all the pieces together.

Reading Job 30:3-8 aloud repeatedly is tormenting to the enemy.  Force a manifesting demon to look at you (although they can see without eyes and hear without ears). They hate this and it is debilitating to them.  Chide them for being a coward and a “little one”.  Tell them that Satan must be scraping the bottom of the barrel if this is the best he has.

When working on a spirit, watch for telltale signs of manifestations.  Some are watering eyes and very slight movements of the head as you repeat, “You are defeated by Jesus, aren’t you?” or “You’re going to have to leave now in the Name of Jesus.”

Curses Soul Ties, Binding and Loosing Spirits - WorleyAbove is an excerpt from “Curses & Soul Ties/Binding & Loosing, Booklet #5″ by Pastor Win Worley. Copyright © 1983 by Win Worley. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including storage and retrieval system, without securing permission in writing from the publisher, WRW Publications, PO BOX 9309, Highland, IN 46322.

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