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Satanic Subversion


Demons definitely know your human weaknesses and limitations and will play on them.  I have seen tormented and embattled spirits begin to accuse and attack the workers around them, stating that there were evil spirits in them.  This was a tactic to disrupt the believers and to cause suspicion to come between them.  Unity is all-important in spiritual warfare and the demons well understand this.  Without unity and confidence in each other, the Christian workers cannot bring maximum pressure to bear upon the enemy.

Undoubtedly the demons suffer terribly when spiritual pressures are applied and they will attempt to use any tactic to gain relief and respite.  The devil’s hosts well understand the technique of dividing and conquering by use of slander and insinuation.  Remember that Satan lies, as do his emissaries; therefore, never accept a demon’s unsupported accusation against a brother or sister in the Lord.  Since Satan is the accuser of the brethren, it is not surprising that his followers would use this maneuver (Revelation 12:10).  If you are accused by a demon, however, you will do well to examine yourself.  Sometimes they do tell the truth, when it serves their purposes.  Far more often, they lie.

From Frances Manuel’s most helpful and enlightening book, this quotation further illustrates how the enemy moves to divide the workers:  “The dialogues {between the demons}revealed that the indwelling demons receive strength through those they call `suggestive demons.’  We discovered that these are the demons who seem not to be seeking embodiment, but are rather continually wandering about in an attempt to `accuse the brethren’ to each other.  Their appointed work, it seems, is to stir up divisions among groups of Christians and to inject into people’s minds many false doctrines and teachings of demons.  One of the demons who was being expelled told us that there were eight thousand suggestive demons in our cabin that night.  He wailed in agony and admitted that there were some fifty thousand angels of God in that tiny room to defend us.  So Christian, take heart, God is on our side!” 5

If you have been delivered from some deep involvement in a particular area of the demonic realm, (i.e., the occult, drugs, religion, sexual immortality, etc.) you can sometimes be of special help to others who are in a similar predicament.  There is an exception.  There are times when one is emotionally involved with the subject of deliverance boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.).  In this case it is better to leave the burden of deliverance to others, rather than letting personal feelings enter in which may color discernment, and in some cases, actually strengthening the demons.  As Dr. Koch points out:  “there is a possibility that if a person puts too much of his own effort into trying to help the demonically oppressed that a transference will take place.” 6

However, in the case of a husband or father, a man is clothed with special power and authority from the Lord over his wife or child (Ephesians 5:24).  In some instances, he can succeed in casting out a demon which had successfully resisted the efforts of experienced Christian exorcists.

A word of caution.  There is a demonic laying on of hands that imparts strength and encouragement to the embattled demons in a person.  If the wrong person comes and touches the person being dealt with, immediately the demon relaxes, ceases struggling and begins to rest.  So if a demon suddenly eases up and ceases to struggle, see if someone new has come up and touched that person.

We have had several cases where this has happened.  I mention one to illustrate.  We were praying for a young man in whom there was a vicious demon of hatred for his mother.  In the struggle, a young man relinquished his place holding a leg to another young man.  Immediately the demon evidenced ease and contentment.

Recognizing what had happened, I quietly asked the boy (who had serious conflicts with his mother) to let someone else hold the leg.  He complied immediately, and when the transfer was made, the demon let out a scream of terror and began to buck and pitch again and snapped out at me, “I hate you smart (obscenities).”  Not only is it comforting to the demon to have such a person touch the oppressed one, but it could be dangerous to the individual touching him, in the event of a transference of the demons to him.  Be sure of your workers!

Reprinted by permission from Battling the Hosts of Hell, by Win Worley, © 1976,

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