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Practical Pointers Concerning Deliverance


It should not need to be said, but must be, that deliverance workers need to be very careful about their personal hygiene.  A daily bath/shower should be followed by a good underarm deodorant and brushing of teeth and mouthwash.  Deliverance often requires close contact and the smell of body odor and bad breath is not conducive to concentration.  It is also rude to inflict this odor on others.  Men sometimes are the worst offenders in omitting deodorant, and invariably this causes them to emit a body odor.

As a general rule, men should work with men and women with women, however, this may not always be possible.  When men work with women, we always advise at least one other lady assist.  A man should never touch a woman on her breasts, stomach, abdomen or backsides unless she is his wife or daughter.  The same applies to women touching men.  The kindest thing that can be said of this conduct is that it looks bad and we are exhorted to “abstain from all appearances of evil” (I Thessalonians 5:22).

Onlookers should never be given the impression that deliverance is some sort of fondling match.  Women or men who are constantly “led” to work with the opposite sex are suspect. For some reason, we have had a number of women but only a few men with this compulsion.  When detected, we put a stop to it immediately.  Lust and Jezebel are often driving these workers and this is unhealthy.  Some spirits will feed on this situation.

One of the great fallacies usually promoted, either by self-righteous bigots or by inexperienced newcomers to deliverance, concerns the qualifications of the workers.  While it is true that God seeks clean vessels to do His work, He always has to work with imperfect instruments.  Jesus is the only perfect tool God ever had.  All others are becoming what He wants at various growth rates.

In the case of violent spirits, often the physical strength of men is needed for restraint.  Always see to the safety and protection of the person in deliverance.  Never, under any circumstances, do workers slap or in any way retaliate for whatever the manifesting demon may be doing to them.  The agape love of Jesus is necessary to bear the spitting, biting and striking done by the demons.

A carpeted floor helps when a demonized person must be pinned down.  Those assisting must learn to hold without hurting or bruising.  The elbows must be cushioned to prevent “rug burn”.  Boots and high heel shoes may need to be removed if the demon uses them as weapons.  Be gentle in restraining and try to avoid hurt to the tormented person.

Men are very strong and at times may be unaware of how much bruising pressure they are exerting.  There will be times when much physical strength is needed, but other lulls in the battle when a more relaxed, but cautious hold is needed.

A session of violent deliverance will often leave the person physically drained and with a raw throat and laryngitis (from coughing and screaming) and many pulled muscles.  Always pray for healing at the close for these and possible internal tearing demons may have inflicted.  Do not let the sessions go overly long, exhausting workers and the person being delivered.  It is not uncommon for the leadership of the Lord and sanctified common sense to dictate calling a halt to deliverance due to physical or time limitations.

When this is necessary, bind all remaining demons and ask the Father in Jesus’ Name to send angels with boxes to imprison them (Joshua 10:17, 18, 22, 23, 26).  We also ask that an angel be inserted to read the Scriptures to the demons night and day so thy can get no rest.  However, they will be unable to attack the person.  Command in Jesus’ name that all the boxes be sealed, declaring that whatever you bind on earth is bound (Matthew 18:18).

Occasionally we have encountered demons who resisted binding.  This could be because he is particularly strong but very often it is because the one in deliverance does not want him bound.  Often the victim is so determined to be freed that he fights binding in an attempt to force the workers to continue.  The “patient” must not be permitted to dictate to the “doctor”.

When we try unsuccessfully to bind the demon I usually say, “Now, John, we are going to bind this thing one more time.  If you let him go this time, then it’s your problem for we are going to let you go and he can do whatever he wishes with you, run out or whatever.”  Then we bind.  This works and the person will snap out of it, usually complaining that they wanted to have the demon thrown out.  Actually they must trust the judgement and discernment of the workers as to when to proceed and when to stop.

After binding, ask the Father for angels to be stationed around their bed to guard their sleep.  Ask for a good night’s slumber and that they awake praising Jesus for deliverance.  Also loose the spirit of God in Isaiah 11:2 and spirits of Praise, Thanksgiving, Joy, Love, Power, Sound Mind, etc., on them.

Help the person to get into a chair, remembering that leg and arm muscles may be cramped and numb.  Gentle massage to help circulation get moving is sometimes helpful.  Above all, workers should embrace the person and assure them of their love and concern.  If husband, wife or parent is nearby, their physical affection can be very supportive following deliverance.

It is helpful to have a number of small urethane pads (approximately a foot square and two inches thick) available to cushion the head, elbows and hands of the one being prayed for.  Cloth coverings (at lease one yard square) are useful to cover when twisting disarranges the clothes.  Modesty is fitting and in order for both men and women at all times.

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