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Marks of Cultism


Because of the prevalence of religious cults which have destroyed thousands, perhaps the identifying characteristics of them should be repeated.

All cultic systems have one or more of the following:

1. Deceptive Christology
2. Extra biblical revelations
3. Translocal totalitarian authority in leadership
4. Babylonian pyramiding control of the followers
5. Semi-secret sessions for teaching followers
6. Exclusivism or croneyism
7. Semantic juggling or a text out of context used to “prove” false doctrines and concepts
8. Punishment and reward motivation or control of behavior and attitudes through ruthless use of fear.
9. Denunciation of others, particularly of those who question or deny the cults
10.Separation and isolation of followers from their families and friends and the formation of communal living cells to facilitate centralized control and enforce obedience

The more of these practices which are in evidence, the more cultic and demonic the organization is. (For more information see Conquering the Hostsof Hell, page 47.)

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