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Arrested Development


Arrested Body:  physical growth and development slowed or stopped; muscular dystrophy (muscles arrested), Downes Syndrome (Mongoloid); retardation (brain cells arrested); Epstien Barr virus; bodily functions and day to day skills; bed wetting; visual and audio problems; stunted motor skills; midget and stunted growth

Arrested Soul:  Mind–learning disabilities; fear of learning disabilities; slow reader; slower hearer; dyslexia; dysgraphia; dyscalculia; mental block; fears and insecurities; and social problems caused by these; blocked learning confusion; spatial; motor and other perceptual deficits resulting from head injuries and/or meningitis; communication; memory; impulsivity; short attention span; schizophrenia.

Will:  strong self-will; spirit of the child; childishness; doesn’t want to leave security by growing up, tantrums and fits, childish self-will, selflife, self-love, immaturity, slothful, laziness, control by parents, always wanting their way, irresponsible, inability to put away childish things, self.

Emotions: rejection; fear of rejection; mental abuse by parents; control and domination over protection; double mindedness; wavering; doubt and unbelief; rebellion; rejection from father and mother; loneliness; over dependance on others, anger; frustration; outcast

Spirit: Leviathan retards spiritual growth and development; impairment of senses; faulty judgement and discernment; misunderstanding of scriptures; false doctrine; false gifts; error and heresy; slothfulness; inexperience; guilt and condemnation from all these; devourer (eating of precious time with the Lord and his Word on things that matter in eternity); spiritual schizophrenia; uncertainty concerning the Lord’s voice and will.

The three fold cord principle operates in the area of the soul, (mind, will, emotions). If the enemy can weaken or damage just one of these three, the entire rope is weakened.  Therefore it is important to work diligently in each of these three areas to purify and cleanse ourselves of enemy infiltration and strongholds.

Arrested Development is one of the largest areas of attack on the soul through learning disabilities.  This powerful spirit and his helpers are able to destroy in body, soul and spirit.  The mind, will and emotions are particularly vulnerable to attack.

It is estimated that fully 10% to 15% or more of all public school children have a learning disability.  These children grow up chronologically but their ability to learn does not.  This is not their intelligence (which is generally average or above) but their learning ability drags behind.

In learning there are various road blocks for young and old alike.  This includes poor hearing and visual perception; also motivational and mental retardation.  Some occur even when none of these are involved; yet learning is blocked and a learning disability may have taken root.

A learning disability has been defined as  “a disorder in which an individuals’ brain handles information in a way that blocks learning.”

The arresting process usually begins in childhood and shows up by school age.  These children mature physically but their learning abilities will be stagnated and remain on a childhood level.  In other words they will be unable to keep learning and building upon past years of education and experience.  Although they may grow up physically, emotionally and partially in mind to be adults they will still not progress at a normal rate of learning.

The seven areas of cognitive development that may be impaired are: oral expression, listening comprehension, written expression, basic reading skills, reading comprehension, math calculation and mathematical reasoning ability.  Arrested learning areas are only scratching the surface of this wide spreading cancer.

Learning disabilities are not usually a single disorder.  Those who have problems with the three R’s will usually also have difficulties with motion, spatial relationships, memory, communication, impulsivity and attention span.

Experts in this field have categorized each separate areas of learning disabilities.  This research can be used to seek out and identify the various areas that demons control.  Next we need to explore the alleged causes and see how these relate to what we have learned through deliverance.

Dyslexia is the most common disability.  Dys-poor or inadequate (learning or mastery of) Lexia-verbal language.  Dyscalculia, problems with mathematics; Dysgraphia, written language, grammar, spelling and ability to write legibly.

Dyslexia is characterized by extreme difficulty in learning and remembering letters, written or spoken words and individual letter sounds, (i.e, sounds b for d, saw for was).  Long after normal children outgrow these learning pitfalls, older children and even adults plagued by dyslexia spirits will still have these recurring problems.

Other symptoms include illegible hand writing, mirror vision, confusion between left and right, lack of preference for using one hand over the other, confusion about differentiating concepts such as up and down, yesterday, and tomorrow, and bizarre spelling errors associated with this area.  No two dyslexics will experience exactly the same problems.  Just because a person has some of the symptoms does not necessarily mean that he/she is dyslexic.

Another stronghold which learning disabilities and dyslexia foster is in the frustration and discouragement caused by consistent failure.  Often he cannot call up the words he wants to say in front of a group.  Embarrassment and other socially binding spirits enter at this time.

Because of the importance placed on school and their written or spoken failures in it, children grow up feeling they are stupid.  Unfortunately this is reinforced by their peers.  Fear motivates their concealing problems because of fear of failure, rejection, and of being treated differently.

Many adults have spent a lifetime covering up their learning deficits.  Often they avoid promotions for fear they cannot manage increased responsibilities and fear that someone discover their secret.  They go to great lengths to conceal the fact that they cannot read, write or spell, or that they do it very poorly and with difficulty.

Those with learning disabilities generally score very high in puzzles, problem solving and intelligence tests.  They tend to have poor marks for written or spoken verbal expression.  Dyslexics comprehend stories well and many even acquire an excellent spoken vocabulary.  The demonic handicap keeps them in bondage and usually their handwriting is atrocious.

Males make up 80% of the dyslexics.  The enemy works to destroy men because they are destined to be the heads of homes and churches in God’s chain of command.  By keeping leaders inferior to others, especially women, they will feel inadequate, unprepared and unable to lead.  This will cause them to retreat from the battle. There is a real control exercised by Arrested Development physically, mentally and in social circles.

Because of an educational system which is reading oriented, dyslexia has received more attention than other learning problems.  Cases of dyslexia alone without associated difficulties are very rare.

Dyscalculia is another learning process broken down through learning disabilities.  The demonic family of dyscalculia contains spirits which cause poor memory, when working with more than one number at a time.  There is difficulty in writing legible numbers and columns of numbers drift to the left or right.  Additional problems occur in logic, mathematical operation and word problems.  Troubles with mathematics are not very irregular because it is another language.

Another learning disability is Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and affects attention problems.  These spirits will keep victims from focusing on a single task or concentrating for an extended period.  One tactic this spirit uses to attack is by hindering the screening out of distracting information while concentrating on another subject.  For example while focusing on a subject pleasing and profitable to the Lord and profitable they will bombard with many useless thoughts, words or activities going on around them.

An individual with ADHD often cannot finish a project. They may not appear to be listening or will interrupt frequently.  Known for their hot tempers and aggressive behaviors, two thirds of those who have it carry it over into adulthood.  Growth and development of the person is arrested.  This area might be the root of the other learning disorders because every aspect of learning requires attention and concentration.

The last area of learning disabilities causes spatial motor and other perceptual deficits.  Those affected have difficulty judging their bodies in relation to space and cause them to seem clumsy and accident prone.

Evil spirits working here include: poor muscle coordination and balance; accident prone; stuttering; depth perception; dominant peripheral vision; dormant fovea vision etc.  They cause difficulty holding pencils or scissors and many have difficulty judging distances.  To them a fly ball hit into the outfield may be closer than it seems.  A swing may seem too fast to mount and moving vehicles look closer than they actually are.  To this individual sudden movement is especially threatening.  As children and adults they will be teased as sissies or wimps for being so cautious but they really just perceive the world differently.

Evil spirits work in the physical realm and interfere with social skills and behavior.  They torment in the soulish realm as well.  These demons keep the individual from fitting in.  They will cause him to interrupt, talk loudly or embarrass himself.  He will not understand how to make friends.

These very same demons do give the individual enough insight to make him aware of how others view his behavior.  This is to strengthen the feelings of the outcast and feeds rejection.  This area is similar to the other four learning disabilities.  Dyslexia will cause trouble decoding words.  These demons cause the individual to have trouble picking up on social clues, such as body language and facial expressions.  The spirit of the outcast will move in.

Doctors believe that emotional problems resulting from abnormal communication, feelings of inadequacy and separation and outcast causes loss of self esteem.  This can be overwhelming for a child, especially when rejection becomes the primary disability carried into adulthood.

This emphasizes the importance of getting to the roots of this demonic stronghold.  It holds some keys to freeing many walking wounded to whom we minister.  These rejections, rooted in failures and inadequacies of their childhood leave hurts and scars with serious side affects.  The entire rejection kingdom may have Arrested Development lurking at its roots.

Descriptive diagnosis of learning disabilities by experts sometimes exposes the legal grounds used by demons to operate.  Specialists in the field freely admit they really do not know exactly what causes learning disabilities.  They believe problems result from a combination of biological and environmental influences stemming from various origins which are hard to pinpoint.

Severe head injuries and infections such as meningitis are sometimes involved.  Genetic factors play a part and heavy documentation points to the family line.  To the deliverance worker this indicates family curses and ancestral sins.  Premature and low birth weight babies may be particularly vulnerable because of the circumstances surrounding their birth.

The dysfunction may not become apparent until school age and usually by then scarring has already taken place.  Now they will carry this burden for the rest of their lives or until they receive deliverance.

As these children get older they will be hit with extreme anger and frustration and often fall into depression.  All of this contributes to emotional upheavals.  Some of the difficulties are not lifelong but are mere developmental delays that may disappear, becoming less obvious as the child matures.  There are many other causes as well.  We must arm ourselves to do battle with these enemies.

Variations in arrangements of brain cells are cited as a cause.  Acquired word blindness in adults and congenital origination (existing from birth) is believed to originate in the left hemisphere of the brain, which is known as the language center.   Some doctors feel defects on chromosome #15 cause learning disabilities.

Biological and genetics mismatches are medical theories attempting to explain the inherited relationships of this illness. The cerebral cortex is responsible for controlled motor functions, sensory, perception, speech, memory and emotions, essentially all the complex learning responses.

Man’s brain is divided into left and right hemispheres.  Normally the left hemisphere is larger than the right and they work in unison, performing their responsibilities simultaneously.  In dyslexics the right hemisphere is equal in size or larger than the left.

Though unproven, the “mixed dominance” theory says that when this happens, the right robs from the important functions of the left side.  With a better understanding of the physiological we can direct our attack on specific demons causing the symptoms in body, soul and spirit.

The following is an excerpt from “Evil Spirits of Arrested Development, Booklet #42″ by Pastor Win Worley. Copyright © 1991 by Win Worley. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including storage and retrieval system, without securing permission in writing from the publisher, WRW Publications, PO Box 852626, Mesquite, TX 75185.

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